Is It Wrong To Want To Be Loved Again?

I am in the middle of a very Messy Divorce. Even during my Marriage I was in pretty much a Sexless one, hardly any Sex. hardly any Affection, no Cuddling, or having my Husband come up behind me and hold me and tell me how much he Loves me. I felt unloved. I went through so much Emotional Abuse, that I fell out of Love with him and ended up leaving him and going into hiding till I knew what he was going to do when I did. He is one Nasty, Mean, Selfcentered Man. Now I am free with 2 out of 4 Children I have come to realize it is time to move on with my Life, but is it right? I am Catholic and believe in my Vows, but how could I stay with a Man whom I ended up hating. I tried to forgive him, but no matter how many times I did, he keeps doing things to make me hate him all over again. We are over, I will never go back to him. He did not Love me, he just wanted to control me. I have realized I want to feel Loved again, I want Intimacy, I want to feel Affection. To have a Man to be happy to hear from me, to see me. There is one Man who I see time to time and yes we do flirt, alot. He is single, but right now I am not. Is it wrong to be doing this? Is it wrong to want to feel Loved again? What I am doing with this Man, is it wrong? But it feels so right.
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i do not think it is wrong to want to beloved we are made to be a pair to have kids and to protect each other Or we were suppose to be that way a long time ago this world is different and in many ways i am glad i am near the end of this sentance here<br />
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iloved the first two young ladysinmy life then fear pushed me to look for something else thatthe pain would beless if something happened to them and i am very sorry i took those steps<br />
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reallyhard when you lose theone you love to death both at the age of 19

That is what my mind is telling me, deal with the main situation first before jumping and making another one, but it does get lonely alone at times when I am by myself.

Dear Valleygirl, I feel sorry for you, but I think you should try to calm down a little bit. Try not to seem desperate, if you will. You are still young, there is a lot to live. If you have 2 children, it is likely that they are suffering too, and maybe a lot. If I were you, I'd focus on helping the children to cope with, finishing the divorce, later on your mind you will be clearer, your heart will be lighter, you have more chances to get it right. On the other hand, if you feel you have find THE right guy, even so the turmoil is still ongoing, go for it...