A Good Man

All my life, there has been men in and out, but the love,affection, closeness, and intimacy that i thought was good, wasn't. It was the men who raped me, molested me and wanted me for my body. Even as a little girl I was often looked at wrongly. Now that I am a woman, I want the good affection, closeness, intimacy, and love that a boyfriend or husband can give me. I need for that person to show me how to love the right way, and show me that there are good men out there.... Because I am losing hope in that, and was even confused about my sexuality for a little while, But having a girlfriend showed me that even girls can act like that, and that it's not just men who disgrace, and disrespect my body. So men if you are out there please speak up.....
telle19 telle19
18-21, F
Jun 23, 2012