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Need For Affection..

Since I have no bf in my life, Im thirsty for affection. Each day I intend on staying busy but theres a trigger in my mind to be touched, wanted, desired, kissed, loved, caressed, and much more.
I don't want to appear needy in the public eye and I don't show my affection I hide most of it inside for the fear of someone declining me. I need it often. Mainly the touching and closeness I crave.
I read poetry, write poetry, anything that consumes the mind of feeling loved and desired eludes my mind. I have guys interested I just don't act on them. For the above reasons. So, I keep distance.
Im searching for that connection that binds two people, mind and body close connection. Inseparable feeling when two bodies fit perfectly on one another like a puzzle piece, placed securely in place. Someone to caress me passionately throughout the day, I won't get to deep into this. You understand where this is going. Waiting for that urge, that need, that satisfaction, that intense feeling, instant connection of affection drawn to one another in heat of passionate rage emotions that flow deeper then the Pacific ocean. Dispensing all the energy into one another, that electric feeling when you are empowered by someone's presence. Waiting for this rise, this euphoric high to keep my insides yearning for more and more.. Where are youuuu..??
wittywitty wittywitty 26-30, F 8 Responses Jul 23, 2012

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I am here.

It is interesting that as my husband would tell me this was "as good as it gets"...I would watch other people though, and see the love they expressed toward each other...of all age groups, and I knew that I wasn't asking for something unattainable, (for him maybe, but not for most). However, I would always pray that things would get better. It never did. Lately, I've been thinking of my mortality and I realize that I can either finish what years I have left in an unhappy marriage and life, or I can make a change. I may never meet a man who will love me the way I need to be loved and treated. That is not what is important to me now, especially now that I am older, 48. I just want peace and happiness. I want to breath...exhale...Living this way is not living, just existing. And yes aurora11, I push people away as well. I see myself backing away from people and opportunities...all the way in a small corner where no one can see. This is the hardest part for me because I have become a shell of the person I used to be. I barely recognize myself.

I have the same problem. I have been married almost 9 years and my husband is very unaffectionate. More than anything else I want to be held and to feel loved. I hide my emotions most of the time and find it very difficult to express them. It usually ends up pushing people away. When I do open up, it always seems to be to the wrong person.

Open yourself up and allow yourself to project, and you will also receive what you are looking for.

Take care.

I am married as well and my husband never wanted affection...even holding hands. The only time he wanted intimacy was when he was drunk. I was young then, and didn't realize the problem since I drank too. I would get depresses but he would say it was all in my head and wouldn't address it. As a few years passed, I realized he had problems that he wouldn't share, since it was in my head and I expected too much. I began feeling repulsed at the fact he needed to numb himself to have sex so I refused to have sex with him while he was drinking. It's been 15 years since he has touched me and he is perfectly happy with the situation. I have always needed affection, touch, conversation, and true intimacy, (not just sex). We've been married 27 years now and I am done...I would rather be alone than live like this. I pray the I get the strength to leave.

I'm married and I feel the same way you feel, because me and my husband never have those moments...i know how u feel .

Maybe you should give these guys that are interested in you a chance and see what happens. Maybe once you get to know them you might start feeling something for one of them and even if you don't get the feeling your looking for with him at least you'll know that he's not the one. Sometimes love doesn't happen at first sight though so how will you know if he's the one if you don't look any deeper? Just some advise.

The need for affection is universal.<br />
It is healthy.<br />
People who do not feel the need for affection suffer from blocked emotions.

Hey that makes sense. Do you know what could cause someone to have blocked emotions or how someone could be helped to unblock them. I'm asking because my husband is not affectionate. We have been married for 18 years so he hasn't always been this way. Any advise?

People sub-consciously block their emotions when they are afraid of being vulnerable or hurt.

What's up with our husband's in these days???