Sleeping With The Memories

Lying here watching you sleep;
My face flushes and warms with thoughts of last night.
Something stirs inside; a deep and wanton ache.
My mind drifts back to previous hours,
Your tantalizing lips, softly parted in slumber; their warmth still lingers upon my skin.
Magical hands, subdued by your sides; their rough and tender touch still impressed upon my flesh.
Powerful arms, full of authority and need; the restraint of their embrace steals my breath.

Listening to your slow and steady breathing;
My hand rises and falls rhythmically upon your chest.
Such a fascinating distinction from the hours before;
I unconsciously smile and blush at the recollection.
The quick and shallow breaths of your arousal;
The sharp hisses and groans of your gratification;
Licentious sounds still resonating in my ears.

Aching matures to a throbbing need;
an unrestrained and depraved tightening between my thighs.
Too aware of the heat radiating from your naked form, I press my body into yours;
My leg sliding over your own and exposing my most intimate flesh to the firmness of your thigh.
I rest my head, purposefully running my fingers through the patch of hair on your chest.
Warm breath exhaled against your naked shoulder; quivering lips desperate for your flesh.
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10 Responses Sep 18, 2012

That could be me except that my memories are much older.

Umm..., hello..., killing me with these fantastic stories

killing you softly I hope ;) lol. Thanks glad you like my writings...especially considering your own wonderful talent. xoxo

This is wonderful!

thank you! I'm so glad you like it. xo

I like this! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! :) xo

Very Very Nice it made me feel so warm all over thabks

you're welcome :)

There are no words for how beautifully written this is.

thank you :)

You really know how to prevent me from leaving my desk!

LOL...sorry :o

You really know how to make MY desk rise! ;)


You really are a wonderful LADY. One who knows what you love and want from your lover. May you be eternally gratified by him and never want for anything.

thank you :)

Very well written LG.


exquisite ♥

thank you.