You Are... (Poem)

You are…the reason for the spring in my step and the smile on my face;
I keep thoughts of you with me through my day.

You are…what is pure, right and perfect in this world;
I can think of no other that I feel that way about.

You are…my reason for living, laughing, working and loving;
There is joy in just watching you do the things you have to.

You are…the reason I wake up early, ready for my day;
Watching you sleep is beauty to behold and poetry come alive.

You are… why there are roses, chocolate, jewelry, cards, and kisses;
Holding you, caressing you, loving you-that is my reward at days end.

To me, you are…the reason the sun rises and the sun sets;
The moon is jealous of the sun; it does not shine on your loveliness as brightly.

You are…the world; everything I’ve ever wanted;
You are…the world; everything I’ve ever needed or desired.

You are…my world!

Enjoy, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Elandra77 Elandra77 56-60 9 Responses Oct 4, 2012

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This is so good!

If it wasn't written in 2012 then I'd swear it was about me. LOL

THank you so very much for reading and replying. And for your kind words.

I think I am still searching who I wrote this for. So perhaps it is a dear lady on here. I know that hear in a hunter, always vigilant. And the soul is a searcher-always searching for alike soul to sing to. It was 2012-but I was searching, hunting. I still am. :)


Thank You. I'm glad you read this one.

Very nice poem. Your feelings are very well put in here ^_^ made me feel good for a moment.

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading it. I hope it makes you feel good for better than a moment.

I could not of said it better!

Thanks. It's appreciated. Glad you found the story and commented.

so so wonderful x

Thanks for the lovely comments. Glad you liked it.

Is it about someone you know or are with? I think it really reflects how I would feel about someone I love. Xx

I did have someone in mind when I wrote it but that's as far as I will tell. Someone who touched my soul as no one had before.They are no longer with us. My heart is terribly sad and lonely. I, also , love he romance in this poen. Thanks for commenting and following up on your previous post.


Thanks. Glad you liked it and commented.

Very well Spoken.

Thank you.

you are welcome

Oh sweetheart!! You have composed in poetry of my feelings for my wife! I could not possibly add one word to express how I feel about her! You wrote my story to her! Bless you!

Glad you liked it and glad i could be of service! All men should have or have had a woman they felt about this way. And the woman should feel loved and special in just the same way as above. This one was a stretch for me as it varies a lot from what I write and my style. But I thought it came out nice.

I can only assume you wrote this for me! ha ha jk! I sure wish you did! How lovely! What a nice sentiment. Beautiful!!!!

Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you liked it. I tried to write so any number of women could relate to it. Seems as if you are the only one who appreciates it though.