I Don't Know The Feeling

I have never did it before but I do dream about it. I picture romantic. My Prince Charming doing everything to make it perfect. Some girl don't believe in love before sex but I do. Some girl don't believe in Prince Charming but I do. I want passion and love. Not no fake *** love some boy tell you to get in my pant. It has to mean something to me and him.
Musicpassion19 Musicpassion19
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 31, 2012

Yeah I am the same age. I know what you mean.

Great I wanted to have a physical affair with a lady BUT we never had a chance as her husband and my wife found out. BUT I love her and that is the only condition that can allow me to be intimate with a lady.

YES I AGREE and though I am a male i want someone TO FEEL SOMETHING FOR ME AND I HER!!!! Otherwise, it does not work for me!!!!

Thank you I feel like there need to be emotion for the other person