Think We All Need It

i miss the thing we had from 11 years old on few can understand we really did not have to talk with each other we really knew what they other was thinking

i miss her currled up with me as we slept evey night with one arm across my chest and still sucking her thumb she was so cute and smeeld so nice after our bath

and yes we were different kids her mother gave me a home at 12 and she did this know how much we loved each other

hard for many to understand how children that age could have those feelings even hard for many to except them as true
at 11 years of age we had a joint bank and checking account

one thing that set us apart fromother kids her mother and grandparents knew no matter what we did we would never have children
and they knew she was safe with me and i would have given my life for her we worked hard at work we worked hard in school honor role from 8 th grade on
she gave her life at age 19 in viet nam
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
Jan 6, 2013