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after years in a sheltered world, i am now meeting people and looking for intimacy and frienship. but this new world is weird to me. the friends i make at my age are in relationships or friendships and few are free. i am "hit on" by married men or called lezzie in pubs if with a girl, so basically, i think i need to practice new modern converstion with all sorts here.    its so exciting to be here, but its scarey too. its easy to go wrong.   recently one chap that i thought friendly sat with me in a  pub alcove and well jumped on me.   when i pushed away, he was amazed i was not gagging for it ,- his very charming words!!! a girlfriend of mine just laughed and said " join the real world where we are all experienced hurt and defensive. is it really like that for the older woman??????????????
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Living in Arkansas USA where there are no pubs..just bars, saloons, beer-joints, taverns, and night-clubs, I think maybe you're looking in the wrong place. If I understand pubs, they're much like the places here and that's where people go to get laid. Maybe you should use the personals ads or join women's clubs and branch out from there.

kind replies from you men but only one woman. thanks cliona but where are the older women here? is age- ism active.

you are ok here, there are lots of revelations. look at some peoples pictures too to get an idea of men's pride and joy. everready battery......... and i mean batter. most do not mind you perving. have a look at me too.

As a respectable married man I am not into the real life pub and drinking scene!

If I got on well with any woman at say badminton, table tennis, sailing or flying club I would not force myself on her physically - unless she was a consensual adult schoolgirl in role play! My partner and I have always had friends of the opposite sex knowing that true love runs deeper than just a few intimate moments.

Hope I am not in the situation of being "single" again but if I were I would join Clubs, groups trying to meet people with a common interest and maybe make contact with the right person.

yes, we think alike. i walk and am in a reading group and circle and country dance. friends of mine enjoy much more drink than me, but its fun in the old pubs they like to go to. must find out more about your suicide wish , i,e, flying club. tee hee. ty.

Ha ha..... if you think flying is suicidal your should come for a ride in my car. A ride for a ride? (From "Guidebook for those leaving the Convent" "Ride for a Ride" means a sexual favour is given in return for transport)

Hey, just because I hope to see whats under your clothes doesnt mean I cant be a nice guy.

so you like cellulite..? lol

I think its probably like that for many women. The problem for you is, having lived in such a sheltered world for so long, you havent learned how to deal with it, or recognize the jerks before you let them too close.

those are kind words