That'S My Dream

I'm a very affectionate person and caring. I want that feeling of having someone in my life to share that with me. I want someone that makes me feel special and shows me affection
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41-45, F
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I believe we all want what you want. A caring, loving person, who will be there for intimacy, sex and support. One who knows what you need and when you need it. One who can take you hard and make you feel good. Someone who takes you to the apex and jumps over with you for the big climax. These are the men in my life, I get what I want, need and lust after. No holds barred. Take what you want and be happy.

Honey, you are beautiful. I can't imagine being near you and not wanting you in my arms where I can shield you from harm and hide you from other men who want to steal you away from me. Thanks for adding me.

Your welcome and thank you for the kind words

Don't we all! X

Yes we do, but will it ever happen

Me too.... I crave affection. My wife is so detached, I cannot take it any longer.

You are so right. We all deserve 2 feel loved. Hope you feel better soon