Starved For Affection

I am so Starved for Affection and Intimacy for years. I long for the old days of Make Out and unending Foreplay and Kisses. When your wife knows this & the lack of attention you are in, why will she not respond to you knowing that just even a little would go a long ways to keep the marriage running smooth. Does she not know that she is slowly killing the marriage by pulling back on the attention & affection a man needs. To want to caress and worship the body of a woman is heaven. Why does she not want this when you have been the best you can be for years with pampering and spoiling. I need and crave the hands of a woman and the caressing to take care of me. She no longer needs or wants this. She does not see the importance of this and her priorities have changed over the years. Sex is a natural medicinal thing and the glue and the icing on the cake to hold it all together during the times of stress. The one true happiness in Life is to love and be loved. Love is my religion and I could die for you for that. The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman't heart. Women are such a delicious torment. It seems like a man gives gives and nothing seems to work. Good is just not good enough, however their is nothing more beautiful then to have a beautiful Sensual women in your arms to love and devour and to cherish.  I'm so tired of it all. Maybe I should go down to the local Gym and maybe find me a Pretty Granny or young Chick to give my unending TLC to. Its been saved up for years and I have a lot to go around. She doesn't understand my bouts of depression and thinks I should go to the doctor for it. Duh. She don't get it & the importance of the needs of a man. Her life is perfect and as happy as can be. The Net is full of stories of mens depression because of lack of intimacy, etc.
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Feb 8, 2013