People are always asking what women really crave in men (and, by extension, men in women). Googling that, top response seems to bee Psychology Today that breaks it down to three things.
Affection and desire (which, oddly enough, it describes as physical, intimacy). Loyalty and commitment (although again the description sounds more like discretion or confidence). And third, communication and reassurance, which I guess in the article is pretty much what it sounds like.
Well, that doesn't EXACTLY sound like "three things", but I guess that answer is about as good as any. (You'll find a never-ending repertoire of different opinions, pretty much one for each person, should you dare to cast your net wider) But regardless of what you choose to call them, or how you decide to describe them, you generally find those three areas represented.
And so here's another, simpler take on it:
Faust76 Faust76
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Aug 20, 2014