My Marriage

It's always the weekends and I really really wish i could keep myself from letting out how frustrated I am here, I already regret that I did and again I can't believe the response I get for my honesty. I am just imagining things it's all fine I was told I just make things up to start an argument. If this really was my first, if this really was something I consider normal maybe I could pretend it's all fine but it's not.
I HAVE experienced how it can really be. I HAVE experienced how amazing a man can make you feel. Wake me up kiss shoulder move my hair to the side and hear me sigh as i feel you biting my neck teasingly.....Come in the kitchen as I make your favorite cake sweetness all around but the only sweet things you have in mind are my lips, you turn me around hold my chin up, kiss me deeply passionately as you push me against the kitchen counter...
We sit in our restaurant you look at me and you tell me how beautiful I am that you want to look at me all night and not miss one second..I am at home waiting for you to arrive you rush inside a smile on your face lean down to kiss me whispering in my ear" Let's go princess i have a surprise"
It's those things that make me feel I am on top of the world and I miss them so dearly that I just have to break out sometimes, way too often I think because all the effort seems wasted.
I don't know what to use to substitute my need. It feels like I am wilting but my roots still have some secret energy left keeping me alive.

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I feel the same way...made me cry...I miss this so husband has Aspergers Syndrome & we used to have such hot passion in our marriage...its OK now but I have to do ALL the work to keep it going and Im a woman we don't like to do all the work....I want to be romanced, seduced, courted again, etc...I NEED IT! I don't like to always initiate, it doesn't make me feel desired....I am a HIGHLY sexual woman...I get so tired of hearing all these men complain about being taken for granted, it happens to women too!!! :( I am being taken for granted ALL THE TIME!!! I just want to be desired again like in the beginning of a relationship but I dont want to have to cheat on my husband or leave him to get those feelings back!!! Its exhausting to be married to somebody w/ have to basically carry the whole relationship yourself....

That is always a bad situation, it starts off where you cant keep your hands off each other..even for years of dating and courtship, but then something happens...she cools off and doesnt have the passion she did before..something is always "on her mind to distract her from being intimate" and when this is solved or that is done "things will be different".<br />
but it never is, its just on to the next excuse not to be with you in the ways you need most sometimes.<br />
and what do we do? we made a promise not to cheat, and **** and other stimuli doesnt hold the same appeal anymore..we want the one we still crave...but those fires have died down to some dwindling embers...theres no kids or anything like that to distract us...just a void that is growing each day.

What happened then? It sounds like you had a great relationship at first... I hope things get better fo you.

It's like that at first.. why do they always let you down in the end?

I am a man and I so share your desires for my wife to be the same way. I am so tired of being taken for granted. I seem to only exist to provide material desires. It is getting close to the time to take flight. good luck to you.

HELLO,you will find your dream man somewhere out there.....just be patience ..........