Where Are You?

I am not looking for a supermodel. I am not looking for someone rich and famous. I am not looking for a genius.

I am just looking for someone to love and to be loved by. Someone who I can get on with, and enjoy life small and big pleasures together - cooking and sharing a nice meal, going for a walk on a sunny day, cuddle under the duvet on a rainy day. Someone I can be myself with, whom I can trust, whom I can be open with. Someone who won't ask me to be perfect, but love me just as I am. I am looking for someone to hold and cherish, someone to spoil, someone to make passionate or tender love with. I am looking for someone to share my life with. Someone I can lean on when I feel down, and who can lean on me when they're down.

If you'll be him, I can promise you one thing. Yes, we'll have disagreements and even fights. I'm not perfect and I know at times I might act selfish and hurt you. But I will love you the best I know how. Yes, you will be well-loved. I will be there for you, try and think of little things to make you happy, give you love and sex and tenderness. If you only will have me. If you only will have me and hold me for the rest of your life.

Is that too much to ask?

Where are you?

DancingFox DancingFox
31-35, F
7 Responses Dec 5, 2009

Could you be seeking an illusion ?


I guess we all wanted to find the right one for us... someone who will truly love us the way we love them. I stop on asking God about it, I know HE knows what my heart wants and desire, instead of wishing and expecting, I just kept myself happy with all the people who are around me and treasure me as their friends. Really happy to know you are still happy inspite of all.

God, this smells of desperation. lol. Would still like to meet him, but happy as I am right now.

Thanks moonrocks.

I absolutely loved your story, you sound like aswonderful person with a LOT of LOVE to give.

I feel like I've said those exact words dozens of times. I have all this love inside of me and just want to share it with someone.

it not me but that what i want too and need someone to talk to badly