My Experiences In Standing Up

There have been a number of occasions I've had to stand for myself as a transvestite. In every instance I felt I was being insulted and unappreciated. This post just contains a short list but covers a variety of encounters.

The first example is with my wife. She knew I liked to dress before marriage & accepted me for "good and bad", i.e., the whole entire me. Several years later after our first child was born she, for whatever reason, she wanted to change things and one the changes she proposed was that my dressing had to stop. I declined her request respectfully & she got her fur up. Eventually, she threatened to leave me & take our child unless I stopped. I thought about the ultimatum a couple of days & knew for certain I could not stop. When we talked next about it, I told her my dressing habits might change somewhat in respect for her, but they would not stop. I also asked her to think real hard about her threat to leave. If she chose to go, I'd not stand in her way, but she should take a good hard look at what she would be leaving...a husband who was loyal & faithful, respectful and considerate to her & her family, a hard worker who wasn't involved with drugs, alcohol or gambling and brought all of his pay home for the family and supported her through her rough times without mumur or complaint. The look on her face was incredible as I ticked off things point by point in a soft, clear & calm manner. A day or two later she told me the changes in my dressing were acceptable & since that episode she's never complained once about my dressing. She soon began helping me with my purchases and in general became very supportive of my dressing.

On occasion I've entered shops, boutiques etc. on a whim when out. Th largest portion have been friendly & accepting that a man is in their place of bausiness. One cosmetics chain location used to welcome me whole heartedly when I came in. They sent me notices for special deals and on several occasions gave me full makeovers for special events I wanted to look really good for. However, one day I was out and entered another location of the same chain that had just opened. It was 20 miles closer to me & I thought it would be nice to drop in and check their sales items. The manager met me at the door with a greeting of "How can I help you?" I told her why I was there & she glared at me before spouting out "This store is for women customers. I suggest you go elsewhere." I was in drab, clean & neat and had been friendly & upfront, but that is what I got. My response, after being somewhat shaken up by her rudeness, was to take out my wallet, flash nearly $200.00 at her and then saying, I'm so sorry I'm not welcomed here. I'll not return, but I want you to know you lost the potential of a faithful client. This money will be spent on cosmetics elsewhere today.Have a great day."

There are other cases too, but these two will suffice for this post. Altogether, the problem encounters are only a fraction of my overall experiences as a transvestite in public or with other people. These experiences have made me aware of what can happen and I try to avoid anything unpleasant.
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You should probably alert the chain management to the way you were treated. The manager deserves to be fired. I'm sure in today's economy there are plenty of people who would like her job.