The Root Of The Problem.

I ran across a post about a womans issues with her guy ************ too much and never fulfilling her sexually. I started looking and found many more posts, some even from men asking how they can improve their performance. However I could not find a group for posts of solutions or real explanations of the issues so I started "I Want All Men To Last Longer in Bed", as it truly is the case. This if for all the women who have posted or have had that experience and want to vent and try to find a solution.

Nothing is more disappointing to a woman (sexually) than to have; Spent hours getting ready for a night out, You have a nice dinner or go to a club, Get a little booze or other substances in you, Finally make it back to your place or his, Have him and you all ready, Your past any foreplay and you are actually "coupled" and just as you get good and relaxed and comfortable he **** and leaves you with a sticky crotch that still hasn't been satisfied. It's enough to drive you mad.

So, is the problem "US" or "THEM!"

It's obviously "THEM!" Our society has become one of instant gratification in all forms. Men are visually stimulated and you can pull up a video of the most perverted sex acts possible in seconds for free! No wonder guys are OK with handling things themselves! That is SOOOOO much hotter than your girlfriend, right!

************ is also confrontationless, so for the 75% of the male population that seem slightly autistic it's perfect.

Not that "pleasing your woman" should the first thing a man thinks of when it comes to sex, but it shouldn't be the last. A lot of times it seems that thought is non-existent.

They need to realize that it takes a while to get our motors running. Once they are we will do just about anything to keep them running. I turn way more slutty after I've *** a few times. So get with the progam and don't just go 0-90 in five minutes. It's over before it gets started for us!

Guys, train yourselves! Get some pills! Don't try to make it bigger (It's impossible, sorry) just make it last longer!

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As a man 38 I would agree with you 100%, the men today don't take the time to WOO a woman like they did 20 years ago. My grandfather raised me for the most part, so I have some old school in me, and let me tell you, there is nothing hotter than watching your woman squirm at dinner as she knows what is coming for her, the excitement starts to build early on in the day, when she knows your going to take her out, that its your turn to plan date night, its all in her mind, and women start early!

There are so many things that a man can do, it starts with shivery, open the door for her, pull out the chair for her, place her napkin on her lap, kiss her on the head before you sit down.

I read some of the posts down below and you guys need to give your lid a shake, the aspect of f.u.c.king is not all that is important. Its not that these girls need to be pounded for hours.

For a woman its deeper than penetration, its deeper than just putting your fingers inside her and getting a good O out of her.
Its about her mind, about her emotional state, its about her arousal and getting her to where she sees the purple spots when she has that magic O.

Yall have a lot of reading to do.

There are exercises that can be done together, too.

Speaking for all men that love thei... whoop I;m done

That is why I have spent my life studying and learning from women how to make them ***, just as I have spent endless amounts of time learning control. Sure, sometimes I love a quicky, (something that I have learned from women), but I would rather touch and lick you until you *** several times before I even think about me. A note to women... anti-depressants are not helping your big O ability, not with all women, but most in my experience. Thank you so much for sharing and I love the way that you write.

My wife has no such problem. She **** first, then during and often after...

It isn't the length of the **** if she is properly prepared to explode.

"Men are visually stimulated and you can pull up a video of the most perverted sex acts possible in seconds for free! No wonder guys are OK with handling things themselves! That is SOOOOO much hotter than your girlfriend, right!" Not by a long shot!

Damn right....It sounds like you have been some one stroke jokes....More than just that. I have found that eating healthy and being active leads to better stamina in the bedroom. Also has to be a respect factor, if these guys are only out for themselves and getting themselves off...they are selfish idiots....Should always have a plan to fulfill and satisfy the needs of your woman...not as the number 1 priority but it still has to be done before you are done....

I had a girlfriend in your age group for awhile with the same experience you've had. She was slow to warm up and it seemed that partners wouldn't take the time with her but once she was warmed up she came alive.

She said she had more O's during our time together than in her entire life.

Let the pot simmer alittle while before tasting the food, it's always better.

Good points!

My problem has always been the other way around... I last way too long... I can't finish.

I don't believe you can say ************ is the sole culprit, but if you're in a relationship where you prefer your hand to her, something else is wrong, wrong, wrong.

We agree it seems --

I wrote this not too long ago on the same subject.

I am a man. I make love to my Darling Wife on a daily basis and I am 55 years old. She is actually quite shy but she is also very sexually fulfilled as am I. I don't ********** - I clearly don't have to do so - well if she has her period - honestly I do climb the walls but outside of this - no I don't need to and it would do her a great disservice.

Men learn to ********** at a very early age. They ********** because it feels good. In a secular sense it is a huge sin against women and it teaches entirely the WRONG lessons. The habit once experienced continues for some for many years - if not a lifetime.

Why? When males ********** they are goal oriented and the goal is ****** and *********** - in the shortest time possible. Many males ********** for an extended period of time before they have their first sexual experience with a woman and when they finally do their bad habits are already well established. They approach their sexual encounter with women the same way they go about it with their hands - get the job done quickly - as fast as they possibly can. I know of no man who wants to spend a quality hour alone with his hand. Gee now why would a woman appreciate such behaviour from such a jerk?

One thing is clear and that is a woman's sexual response requirements are very poorly served by men so ingrained with the race to the finish mentality. Indeed even if they wish to last longer their experience typically dictates that they ********* prematurely - defined by before their partner has herself experienced ******. In most cases with women they need enough time for foreplay - to set their emotional desire for intimacy. Most women do not ****** from penetrative intercourse - with dedication and practice on the part of the couple some do. Men self trained in their own sexual response are not the least bit interested in such levels of true communication and team work with their lover. Women need more focused stimulation of their genitals and in most cases this is well and properly provided by oral sex. Here too it can take time, enthusiasm on the part of the man, patience, creativity and various types of stimulation to help them achieve ******. But our ************ hero is so interested in his own gratification - it is what he trained for - for years - the self gratification in the race for the finish line.

I spend on average a minimum of one hour with my Wife - each day while we are engaged in marital relations. One hour - and we go to bed early and rise early to dedicate that time to one another each day.

Men should only consider their own pleasure after they have delivered sufficient pleasure to their partner - the mark of a slow, loving, considerate and passionate lover.

Indeed it takes many men years to out grow and shed the bad lessons that ************ teaches them. This is why I say this activity does a disservice to women and it does not teach men to be great lovers.

There is a huge problem with people not having enough sex. Often it is blamed on Women - nonsense. If men delivered pleasure to their women on a consistent and regular basis women would tend to be far more interested in engaging with greater frequency. Which woman does not enjoy an ******? Would it not be reasonable for her to want to experience an ****** each time she had relations? Would it not be entirely reasonable that so assured she would not be more interested in having more frequent relations? Well assuming no threat of disease or pregnancy - I mean Women require a totally safe environment in which to enjoy sexual relations.

The better lover you are the more likely it is to be more frequently employed in this honourable pursuit - ************ does not serve you well and it does not serve your partner well.

Ok - please add me...

This seems to be a well thought response, but I does not give the questioner the answer. She has to teach him what is needed if he does not know it. He will always do the same thing if there is no constructive criticism (complaint)

Try this. Do not let him start the session. You start it and at an appropriate but somewhat unexpected time. If he likes sex with you, he should be happy because he is getting a \"freebie\"
Then take charge of what he does. Or at least take charge of his penis. It does not go in you until you are ready. You need to be sure he understands that there are other things you want first. I would enjoy begin shown additional things. When it comes down to it. A five minute session from start to finish every time eventually also is not fun for him.
So, show him other things to do and you both will be much happier.

I don\'t know about your actual experiences but my Wife and I enjoy intimate relations every single day. This level of frequency was not my idea - it was hers. However what helped get her to the point of making this decision is that she is enjoying herself. I help her enjoy herself and use extended periods of massage followed by as much oral and manual stimulation as is required to get results - until she has been sated and tells me to stop.

It really is clear - tell him to rub your back - and what ever else you like and then tell him you want oral sex, how you like it and to keep it up until you tell him to stop - oh and this is to be repeated each and every time intimate relations are undertaken. Only after she has been satisfied is he permitted to go further. The rules really are quite simple.

It is a problem for sure but it is a combination of issues.
For the guys, part being nervous and over excited. Adding some alcohol and seeing a beautiful body and maybe a bit to much stimulation and not enough lubrication and he is done. And most guys spend to little time looking after the woman's needs.
Guys i recommend some tantric training it makes a big difference. Girls hold of on massaging the guys unit to hard and rather get him interested on your breasts have him go oral on the girl. To make the guy last he has to make the woman's need first. ;-)