I am thinking about stopping the maintenance associated with keeping milk up... I've barely started, but can't find a man that wants anything more than sex😐
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36-40, F
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Sorry all the guys you're finding are just looking for sex. I'd love to find a stable ANR.

Hi there.
I've seen you post about wanting to find someone to breastfeed.
I would love to find someone that would feed me. But i just can't find anyone.
where are you from

Where are you located ?

so many women and men looking for breast buddies and none can find one another or neither is close enough. :(

I think you just need to help them discover it. I was merely curious until i tasted my wife's milk. Now I crave it. Maybe keep your cards close to your chest until your partner incidentally tastes it during sex. That might work.

It is a lot of work to keep it flowing when there is no mouth to feed.

Where are you looking? You could mention your location here too. Good luck.


I'd love to be that person for you.......

:( ... wish i could help ....so sorry .
why do all the like minded people have to be so far off ?
hope you find someone nice ..all the best ..don't stop ..