Looking To Suckle

I have no story to share, so far.  I am still looking for an adult nursing relationship in my area.  I am 70 years of age, white male, clean, married (wife is disabled) live in the Northern California area. Would like to make connections with a woman who loves to have her breast held, loved and her nipples suckled. If any lady is interested please make contact.

Lovesuckling Lovesuckling
70+, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Kind of tough when you are 70 or so. That is my predicament. I have had an experience or two, but both short-lived, as I got married. I was able to induce lactation in my younger wife, but not enough to continue. It really is a a wonderful experience if two people like or love one another...even if they don't. It is really a bonding experience like no other in my opinion,<br />
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have fun<br />
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