Love Notes And The Thrill Of Seduction

...If we are going to have that deep friendship that I think we both desire, you mustn't concern yourself about issues such as “me thinking less of you” or blasting you for making the life choices you have made (staying with your man as you grew up!) We came into this knowing that we were each dealing with “damaged goods” and I believe we reached out to each other to hold hands and hug in friendship as both of us figured out what and where we are... maybe we thought the way to do that was to have an affair of the body – but maybe we won't ever go there … I'm thinking I'd really like to!! As you saw by the number of years I spoke of earlier …I'm very slow to commit myself to this course of action so I'm thinking you'd better hurry!! LOL Strike while the iron is hot!
Especially on the heels of your hot, hot letter! Yes, I long for exactly those things... feeling our bodies pressed together, your breasts rubbing my chest and exploring the delightful wonders of your folds and how you react to my tongue ... tasting the nectar of your juices and discovering the vice grip of your legs crushing my head with your *******! I wonder, “will she squeal with delight? Scream with ecstasy? Or just let out a deeply satisfied rush of air that would warm my heart with the knowledge that we have shared such an intimate and secret pleasure.” I rarely look at **** – but I love to read and write erotica! If you ever want to read some passionate, love filled erotica – just give me your fantasy (do have a bucket list?) and I'll make love with you as I give you one of those. Sometimes they are smoking hot and highly sexual – other times, they are as soft as the love scene I see... I suppose my fantasies mirror a good sex life – sometimes you want to make sweet slow love all morning long, other times you want sweat dripping, wall shaking *******.  I live in my writing ... I go into the fantasy and actually live it and simply report what is going on... I have always made love to my wife in this fantasy world but when I write erotica for you ... I am experiencing something quite new for me - in my mind and in my body - I am making love with you...and I've been surprising myself by how much I've been enjoying that.

You probably won't read from me again until you return to work Monday ... so wear a panty liner … when my wife goes to bed tonight, believing a comfortable life doesn't need to include wildness on a weekend night... I'm going to sneak out of the house, meet you at our local nightclub and you and I will have the Friday night we deserve!  Are you ready to be used as a fantasy sex object for a night?  Or shall we have a romantic Saturday picnic ... a cuddle, a kiss and allow our sexual tensions to build awhile longer?

Hugs from Me
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

She dumped me about a week later. No excuse offered, so I didn't take it personally. I supect it is the drawback of flirting with married women.

Hmmmm . . . verrry nice! Lucky, LUCKY lady! :-)