I think it would be best to have an affair with a married woman, for several reasons. For one thing, I'm also married. Many of my circle females who are married aren't happy in their marriage. Who says that a marriage has to be forever? Why should we subject ourselves to a marriage we're presently not happy with? I'm an agnostic, and I don't think that a marriage is something ordained by God. Marriage is a human invention, invented by priests of various religions long ago. Back then religion ruled politics, music, art, marriage, just about everything. This is the 21st century. It's about time we stopped believing in things that might have been very sound 2,000 years ago, but like Dylan said, "The times they are a changing."
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Im sorry about your friend.

I did it and regret it. I too was married, but the problem of getting time for yourselves to get to together is a nightmare. You no sooner make your arrangements and the other parties free time gets screwed up. In my case we were together days as I am retired and she had been laid off from work. I would just get arrangements made to see her and her other partner/ husband would stay home from work....for a court date, or probation meeting, or just take a day off. and it would mess me all up. In the end she OD'd on a day I was supposed to be with her because he was at home and high as a kite so they did drugs and got drunk. She died and I never even go to see her to say goodbye. They just cremated her and buried her without me . You'll end up a loser in the end. Saty away from it. Find a single girl.

Some marriages are like being in prison.

Absolutely right...! Its said that "...marriages are decided in heaven and performed on earth.." but like that many other things are later justiified ...and this is nothing but a justification to impisone some body for lifetime in a GOLDEN CAGE....! And that 'PRISON' is also acceptable so long as the prsoner gets all his basic needs catered. A..n..d... in that case who is percieved to be 'JAILOR' ? -Its 'society' as I percive..and the marriage partner can't be allowed to play that role...! Instead, in most of the marriages the one who should become the caterer turns to be a jailor and thats why the problem starts...andthis can be fact for both the partners...thats why let marriage be a set up..for producing future society but let it not become a jail...let there be FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY to enjoy the fulfillment....let it not become a 'lifetime sentence'....!!!!!!