It was last Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment that I was assured would be an all day process. Lots of blood taken, scans the works. It had been a long time since I had gotten a complete medical check up.

The doctors office was right by a lake that had a track around it a lap around was about 2 miles. After getting my prostate and balls handled by the doctor I felt a little violated so instead of going in to work I called out. I changed into my work out clothes and decided to run around the lake a couple times to sweat out the shame that comes with a full medical exam.

Before even running my first lap I saw someone I recognized, Jane, a girl I used to **** in high school. That was 18 years ago though so I assumed it was one of the many doppelgängers that are in the world. I did the polite nod and kept running past her in the opposite direction when I heard my name called out from behind. It was her.

I turned and we ran up to each other. She was still in fantastic shape. We were both in track. I was a sprinter she was a cross country runner. She had jet black hair green eyes and a slender athletic body.

We agreed to keep on running together and catch up. She told me she was married with two daughters and her husband travelled a lot and made enough money so she didn't have to work and now since her kids are both in middle school she has most of the day to work out and recently lost a lot of weight.

To be honest I can't imagine her overweight even when pregnant. She did have more curves than I remembered but all women fill out a bit.

I told her about my messy divorce and my daughters and the conversation turned to how I broke her heart back in high school after she did "everything" for me. I apologized for being an ******* back then.

She said she forgave a long one ago and said that what I taught her helped her land her husband after she spent some years slamming around trying to find a guy that could **** her like I used to.

I had no idea the effect I had on her, I just assumed I had provided enough ******* to one girl and I should move on.

When we were approaching the lot where I was parked after the 2nd lap I told her I had to go. She blurted out that her husband was out I town and her kids didn't have to get picked up until 4:30. It was only 3pm.

I smirked and told her to lead the way. We walked a couple blocks up to her house. It was a good size and she led me in and took my hand pulling me to her bedroom.

We kissed passionately. And we shuffled to her bed. We ******** off our sweaty clothes and climbed onto the bed and before she knew it I was down on her *****. Looking up at her face she was in ecstasy. Then I noticed that her **** were much larger than I remembered. Obviously a boob job paid for by her husband.

I had her ******* in no time. She kept begging me to **** her. It was like a flashback to 10th grade. She always begged me and I would with hold until she couldn't take it anymore. I asked her if she was on the pill, I didn't tell her I had a vascectomy. She told me she wasn't, but it was safe to *** inside I her because her tubes were tied.

Just when I felt her start to *** I really clamped my mouth on her ***** focusing on her **** and made her buck and scream. When she started coming down I moved up and positioned my **** at her ***** lips and started sliding my head up and down making sure to tap her sensitive ****.

The look in her eyes was the same from so long ago. She told me then after I started sliding in how much she missed my big fat ****. That she never found one bigger. In my mind I called bullshit, but I wasn't going to walk away from that tight *****.

Once I knew I bottomed out inside her I started to slowly pump in and out of her holding the back of her knees with my arms, but making sure to keep rubbing her ****.

I ****** her like that for what was probably only 5 minutes when she asked me to **** her doggy style. I pulled out and turned her over making sure to position her just right so I can hit her G-spot with my thrusts.

I looked at her puckered little *** as I was ******* her and I remembered how long it took me to get her to let me **** her ***. 3 weeks. From the first time we ****** to fully ******* her *** not just trying it. It only took three weeks before she got used to it and asked me to pound her ***. She loved it.

I licked my thumb and started to play with her *** and her face whipped around to look at me as if to say hell no. I smirked and asked her if she missed my **** in her *** too and she just nodded and went back to enjoying to pounding I was giving her.

She started to *** again and collapsed on the bed. I turns her over slightly on her side and continued to **** her *****, but now I was sliding my middle finger in her ***. She was quivering and she even punched me in the chest she was in such throes of passion. I leaned down and kissed her just as I slid in my run finger next to my middle finger in her ***.

She kept whispering "please *** please *** please ***." As I bit her neck. I was happy to oblige. I slammed deep into her and as I started shooting my load into her I really started finger ******* her *** to she would feel my um filling her ***** as she was feeling my knicker massaging her ***.

She came again. It was a perfect ******. A scream, tears down her cheeks, biting her lip. Her hips bucking and her ***** tightening sucking my fun towards her cervix.

I kept finger ******* her *** as I pulled out and maneuvered my **** to her face and rolled her on to her back. My *** was leaking out and joining my fingers in her *** while she was licking my hard **** clean. I remembered distinctly she didn't like *** back in high school. She changed for the better.

I told her I was king to **** her ***. I didn't ask, I didn't beg. I told her that her *** is mine. She told me then that I was the only man to **** her ***. She's always loved it and uses toys, but no other man has had her ***. It made me feel special, I'm not going to lie.

I moved down and raised her legs onto my shoulders I used my *** and a lot of my spit to her her *** nice and west as I fingered her. I shoved my **** back into her ***** to get it wet and then carefully slid into her *** as I removed my fingers. I checked my fingers to see if there was a mess. There wasn't. I didn't think there would be based on when I felt when I fingered her.

She gasped as I slid in slow steady and most importantly deep. It was great watching my fat **** slide into her tiny *******. I fingered her ***** with my clean hand and then gave my fingers for her to suck on. She was loving it but I could tell it was hurting her a little but the good kind of pain. Once I could feel she was used to me more I started picking up the pace

Sliding in and out deep and then pulling almost all the way out. I could feel her starting to *** after only a couple minutes of me ******* her. When she started I shoved my fingers into her throat making her gag then I slapped her and grabbed her hair pulled her up to kiss me. Telling her that no matter what she was my ***** now. Her husband can keep her ***** and mouth, but her *** is mine and only mine and when I ask for it she will give it up no question asked.

She took my hand and bit me hard actually drawing blood, but she was nodding and telling me "yes yes yes anything just keep ******* my ***!"

I spot in her face and slapped her again before biting the spot where the neck and shoulder meet. I could feel myself starting to reach the point of no return after her *** started tightening around the base of my ****. I didn't hold back. I slammed in deep and let myself fill her *** with my ***.

I collapsed on top of her and was just exhausted. My **** twitching in her *** and her whole body shaking as we both slipped into relaxing afterglow.

Just as we both started to drift to sleep her alarm went off she had to go pick up her daughters from middle school.

I went to the bathroom and washed my hands and my **** in the sink. When I went back into her bedroom she was dressed in sweats and had fixed her hair. I smiled knowing that she didn't have a chance to freshen up and her ***** and *** are both filled with my ***. We exchanged numbers and she walked me to the sidewalk. We acted completely normal outside incase her neighbors were around.

This might be the start of a great thing.
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omg i luv the way u treat yr women...makin me all jello lol

Yes quite often for months, but eventually she got divorced and started dating a nice guy and she doesn't want to mess that up...still sends me texts though.

Did you get with her again?