Looking For a Married Woman

I am a married male, probably older than most here (63) but still sexually active.  The problem is that my wife is frigid and wants no sex or affection.  She has given me permission to stray as long as I don't tell her about it.

So I am looking for a married woman, preferably within 50 miles of me (I live in SW Ontario Canada) who finds herself in a similar situation and who wants to get together now and then for NSA sex.

If you are what I am looking for message me.


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66-70, M
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I'm 63 years old. For 17 years I worked for a large diverse Fortune 500 company. In 2002 I married a reasonably wealthy woman. We lived in luxury untill 2005, when Hurricane Katrina wiped us out and completely distroyed our way of life. Fortuneatly we were well insured but still lived in a trailor until our house was cleared and rebuilt. We were both so depressed as everyone in the deep south had been. August 2005 was the last time we had sex. I went back to VA counseling for PTSD and got help. She dosn't think she needs help. For several years I have been ready to resume our intimate contact. She is not. I don't want to get my second divorce. So, that's why I am looking for a NSA relationship.

What have you tried to spice things up,I dont believe she woke up one day and didnt have any desires.<br />
Have you both just stop wanting each other or are you just bored by each other.<br />
If your willing to try maybe she will come around if not well then maybe toys,a ********* a nudist camp something to spice the marriage.<br />
Ive been married for 22 years still love ******* my wife but I also gown down on her any chance I get,remind her she's sexy and that she gets me hot I dont know try if you like...

Thanks for the offer but you are right, it's just too far away.

wish you lived close by...my wife would welcome you..often

I've been married with those rules for 22 years. Its worked for me.<br />
<br />
I don't know about you, but I like it when my wife cheats.

She doesn't mean it. Letting you stray is the set up, adultery, divorce, $ in her favor.

Not an option bro. She gets 50% of everything including my pension.

Yo. Sell all your sh*t, & split.