Married to High School Sweetheart But...

So I have only been with one woman.  I am only 33 and havn't experienced a thing.  I would like to take a lover that could show me a few things before I am to old.

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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

I disagree although my circumstances are very different.<br />
I ******* like a rattlesnake from the age of 16 to about 191/2. There was no love or affinity between me or any of these girls..just sex. Some of them even paid for the movie tickets.<br />
At that age I met Miss Magnificent who would not let me put an illegal finger on her until we married..I 21, she 18. <br />
I am now 42 and she 39 and every night we make love is as though it was the first time.<br />
I think in both cases...respect.<br />
<br />
Don't cheat please. You seem too nice a guy to possibly spoil a marriage.

I agree there i want to try it also....

Very wise, good luck.