I Want An Affair With Another Man

I'm 40+ married with 2 grown up teenagers. I love my husband and the security of being married to him as he loves me so much.thats why i find it hard to think that i want another man.Last saturday nite i had a f##k with a 19yr old i have wanted to for the last 4yrs since i met him. I just asked him if he would have sex with me and we did.But i want us to make luv and to do so on a regular basis.I have had sexual thoughts about him and another man but that man is married with a young family and i don't want to start something with him even though he is sexually attracted to me as well.My 19yr old will i think agree to it.if he comes over Fri nite for drinks like he said he would then thinks will heat up.My hubby is a shift worker so he isn't home .I know i should be happy in my marriage but  i want sex with someone other than my hubby but don't want to loose hubby.I want an open marriage but i know my hubby would never go for it.

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A 19 year old boy isn't a man. Your husband who working to support you while you rob the cradle IS a man...a real man.

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If my wife wanted to have sex with another man that would be ok with me! But I'd want to watch as wired as that sounds....

My wife just met a new fwb and they see each other a couple times a week or so. Lots of electricity between them in bed, so she's ready for him any time 😊

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