I Need to Be Loved Emotionally and Physically

I've been married almost 20 years and after being married just a few years sex was very seldom. Now its maybe 2-3 times per year. I would even venture to say the last time I was kissed passionately was 15 years ago. Its been a long time and I have been faithful, but waiting is getting harder and harder. I have always hope this would never happen, but all my friends say they are in the same boat. Is it as we get older the woman just does not desire sex anymore. What is it? I hope I can meet another woman who has the same needs as I do. I don't want to leave my wife and if I find someone who is also married who doesn't want to leave their spouse, then that could be a perfect situation. I hope that little lady is out there.
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5 Responses Oct 19, 2008

I am a woman that definitely loves sex, still.

Hey I have read stories here about woman going through the same things. They are good looking woman who want what we want. Sex and companionship. Not sex once a month but more often. So they are out there we just have to look and find them.

Your story is just like mine. I personally feel that she feels like I would have too much to lose by leaving. Namely, kids, nice home, etc. So, as there's more to lose over time, she figures, "Why bother." It's laziness, and selfishness, the way I see it. I'm at the bottom of the priorities, when I should be at the top. As a couple, marriage was the foundation and she has forgotten where it all came from. I'm probably going to leave her, soon, after sixteen years. She underestimates me, and the power that she herself has. She is bringing it all down on top of her self, and unfortunately our kids, too.

You know I wonder is this a woman thing I read this so much where the women dont want much sex anymore.I feel like a big kid I dont know how your suppose to feel at our age but I feel great and certainly dont feel older.I hear so much that there is no passion even if there is a sex life.Maybe people just get so settled that they forget or wont take the time to be creative anyway its a deep subject and a serious one.

Find myself thinking the same. Know what you mean and how you feel.