Alcohol Enemas - My Experiences

If you've ever done any web searching on this topic you know that there are lots of warnings about how completely dangerous this is. And it's true -- you can kill yourself or hurt yourself if you do this wrong or carelessly. Fortunately, I haven't killed myself (as you might have guessed) or done any serious damage, but I have learned a few lessons the hard way and I have found what works and doesn't work for me.

In no way do I wish to imply that any of this is right or safe for anyone else. Everyone is a little different and there can be many factors that I haven't considered that might make a difference in case. So the if you are going to do this, take it slow, start small and learn what works for you.

As a long running enema enthusiast I bacame fascinated with the idea of wine enemas when I read about them. I forget where and when exactly because it's been a long time ago, 15 years in fact.

In the beginning I was doing this alot -- like maybe three or four times a week. One of the thnigs I noticed was that it became less fun and less intense so I drifted away for a while and learned that if I kept it to once or twice a month, the thrill and intensity remained pretty much as it was in the beginning.

Another important thing I learned is that alcohol concentrations above 10% are irritating for me and leave me suffering afterward. I can tell you straight away to NEVER shoot straight spirits (80 proof -- 40%) into your intestines. There's no pleasure to be had and lots of misery for a few days after. I've read of vodka tampons and maybe a person can get away with that if it all satys down in the rectum -- but if it goes higher my experience has been very negative.

So a 10% solution (half that is advisable - 5% - when you're starting out)  is the working limit, but what sort of solution? A lot of people recommend wine and in my first several years that was what I used. There's nothing really wrong with it but there were a few things that led my to stop using it. First, I didn't like the idea of the sugars and stuff in it -- it seemed to me that I might be injecting nutrients up my but that could support some sort of yeast or fungus problem.  And if you're using a red wine it can be messy and stains can be a problem. Along the lines of avoiding "extra stuff" like sugars, flavors etc I decided that spirits like whisky, gin etc (suitably diluted, of course) weren't for me either. Maybe that's not a valid concern, but it bothered me. Second, it was more expensive than other approaches I developed.

As an aside, some people claim that an alcohol enema has the advantage of no tell tale smell on your breath. Not true. Once it's in your bloodsteam it's going to come out in your breathe. One of the ways that I know that it's working is I start to have the taste of the stuff in the enema -- and no, that's not because I injected it really, really deep :)

Back to my preferred solution. What I've ended up using is pure grain alcohol -- everclear for example -- but DILUTED properly to be at 10% or less. If you're going to go this route BE SURE you know how to get the proper concentration. If you're not good at math and can't be sure you're doing it right forget about this and just dilute a bottle of cheap white wine with an equal amount of water.

When making the solution, no matter what you're using for an alcohol source, you're going to need to think about temperature. After all, cold enemas are not very easy to take and with the alcohol being part of the mix you don't need additional discomfort. On the other hand, alcohol tends to evaporate and evaporates even more quickly when it's heated, so you don't really want to be any warmer than necessary. Also, you shouldn't make a solution and then let it sit around -- some of the alcohol will evaporate off.

So once you know how to make a solution at the right temperature and right concentration, how much should you make? This, of course, is the main issue since since too little and you'll not get what you're after. Too much and ... not a good thing.

Like all drugs or intoxicants dose per body weight is the main factor. What might be OK for a 200 lb guy could be too much for a 100 lb girl. The thing you're trying to control is Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) -- the same thing they measure for DWI. Do some research on the web and you can learn what levels equate to what physical conditions. Here's what I found:

BAC = 0.03–0.059
Behavioral Effects
Mild euphoria
Sense of well-being
Decreased inhibition

Physical Effects

BAC = 0.06–0.10
Blunted Feelings/Reflexes

Depth Perception
Impaired Sexual Pleasure
Distance Acuity
Peripheral Vision
Glare Recovery

Emotional Swings
Angry or Sad

Reaction Time
Gross Motor Control
Slurred Speech

Loss of Understanding

Severe Motor Impairment
Loss of Consciousness
Impaired Sensations
Memory Blackout

Severe Depression

Bladder Function
Death Possible
Heart Rate
So, depending on how adventurous you are, somewhere under 0.2% BAC is probably advisable.

But how much alcohol, how much solution is that? For that you need a BAC calculator. Search the web -- they are out there. If you're fortunate you may find one as an Excel spread sheet that you can use privately and study so that  you understand the calculation. Again, if you are not good with the math or are unsure of your results, DON'T DO IT. And even if you are, start small, go slow and learn your capabilitiy.

So if you're still with us you now have some idea of how to make a usable solution and how much might be right for you. Now, you think, all you ahve to do is get it in there. Easy, right? Maybe.

First of all, you're probably going to be looking at a solution of between 1 qt and 2 qt, depending on your size and inclination. So before you go about any of this, you need to get cleaned out good and thorough because you're going to need to take that whole volume of solution and it going to work better and go in easier if you're good and empty. So get with it and get clean.

All that remains now is you have to get it in AND you will need to keep it in (and in some ways that's the more challenging part).

Most enema advice recommends going slowly -- and that's usually good advice. In this case, it's better to be a bit quicker. In other words get it in promptly because what's going to happen fairly soon after the flow starts (say a couple minutes) is that you are going to have the urge to unload it. And if you do that, the pary's over and you're not going to get what you're after.

Yes, I know -- the internet says alcohol enemas are an instant rush. They make it sound like it's "Beam me up, Scotty" and it's all over in 10 seconds. Not true at all. It is an intense rush but it's not as fast as they make it sound. Your body simply does not absorb all that stuff you shot in instantly -- after all you still feel full right?

So anyway, back to getting it and keeping it in. You need to have something -- like a butt plug or similar -- that will help you keep it in as long as you wish. If you don't when the first wave of cramps comes you will lose the solution. (Good idea to stay by the tolilet). And be ready to hold the plug in with your hand -- the first wave will be powerful -- not really painful, but strong. What happens, of course is that as the alcohol takes effect, these waves become less strong and further apart.

What I use, believe it or not, is a water balloon. Yeah, that's right. Filled to a volume that's slightly greater that my rectum and tied off in a way that I have a string attached the the knot of the balloon -- good for making sure it can be retrieved if it decides to "head North". I prepare it before I start taking the solution and have it close at hand. It's lubed -- use something that won't mess up the rubber; KY for example --  and ready to go in as soon as the hose comes out. As soon as I have the solution in, out comes the hose. I twist the balloon a little -- like when those guys make balloon animals -- to make a smaller nub that I can insert and use that to get it started in while holding the bigger part and maintaining pressure. Then it's a matter of squeezing it in and holding it with my hand. What's nice about this apporach is that you can maintain a fluid tight seal with it. If fact when the pressure waves start, I let a little bit of it protude into my hand and then hold that to keep the rest in. Maybe something you should practice with before doing the alcohol.

I usually hold the solution for about a half hour and then let it go. You can quit sooner if you like -- in the beginning that's probably a good idea. As I've tried to emphasize all along here: go slow, be careful, be sure you know what you're doing and know your capaibility. This can be fun for those few of us that are perverted like this, but it can be go very wrong if you're careless or wreckless with it.

Good luck, be safe and enjoy.
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6 Responses Feb 12, 2011

after a number of times it would certainly appear that the effect is not too much enhanced from oral consumption, one huge benefit is that the alcohol brand does not have to be expensive and or masked, the effect to the level is much quicker, stomach cannot become upset, and i believe the antiseptic effect on the colon is really beneficial, most likely those with problem can clear up those problems with a slow as you go attitude and increasing as you go . probably should be on the bucket list for nearly every one, an experience i studied off and on for 3 years before trying, i too thought early on with beer, i do realize now that any short alcohol content as such would be a exercise in futility, 25 percent first load or 2 then 50 percent then 100 percent to relaxation and sanitizing, no run to the toilet to waste product

and so the syringe is still the best way of administering, the solutions are 25 percent alcohol 75 percent water, second shot maybe the same or not more than 50 percent alcohol 50 percent water, certainly the 4th shot can be full strength, i recommend as it will disinfect the colon wall and seems to be health benefit, not to do on any regularity and probably not more than once a year, once again be sure that the scales for body weight are followed and do not exceed the blood alcohol content for safety for your body weight

again i was wondering about the full strength addition of alcohol to the rectum and the effects of the same, while certainly not recommending this on any kind of a regular basis, i had noticed that after reaching a beginning plateau full strength wasn t a problem, so as an experiment i used a 5 cc glass syringe full of tripple sec and slowly inserted, slight burn for a few seconds but no problem, i believe the use of an enema bottle for any of the scenarios is just no the way to go, everything needs to be carefully measured in advance and place in a capped used soda bottle, figure your formula, easiest is 50 alcohol and 50 water, with less water you do not have that dumping problem and you can then just relax, i would never use anything other than cheap vodka, why waste money unnecessaryily, again i do feel the after effect not desirable, but then again if you go out to bars and injext orally the virtual same problem exists, it does seem to erradicate a lot a bacteria that otherwise compromises quality of life, i did notice trips to the bathroom at night are very few in between, indicating ether bacteria in the colon and or the bladder have been obliterated

i disagre with the gross dilution of alcohol as that does cause a retention problem and something you do not want in the state of mind, this is medicinal and the only reason i would do it again, i had pneumonia and sought in particular alcohol poisioning for a purpose, it eradicated what bacteria that was left that antibiotic just was failing to do, oh i guess i could have sought out a designer antibiotic but then that causes damage to the stomach and intestines and was wondering if alcohol does infact enter to the degree people claim, i do believe the effect is almost twice the effect as oral injestion, benefit of course was, no repeat bath visits to urinate, i do believe you could easily kill yourself and if you can t do the math it is rediculously stupid to do this, after you are at a point you loose all reason. measurement measurement measurement, also, injestion must be quicker that you would drink, if you put 2 ounces wait an hour, no effect will be noticed, i use a syringe, can be obtained on ebay cheap 60 cc cathater tipped is about 5.00 delivered. i go high, use 40 proof half diluted, inject half, wait one minute then deliver, after about 10 minutes another half and half till four or five injected, if you are not yet there i will do one full strength, i had no problem as listed above and did expressly for the purpose of disinfecting colon, i do not like the coming down after words and the alcohol exhaust coming off the lungs is disgusting, but it does clean out the lungs thorougly, the couple hour buzz is not worth it to me and would not do regular, but when you are ill if done properly i believe this is so superior to anything pharmaceutical industry has to offer, would be nice to have someone on hand to monitor while doing but most people don t really understand

I found your story to be consistant with my own experiences. My first alcohol enema was a bottle of cheap champagne at room temperature. I got pretty drunk. Usually, I use 40 oz. of malt liquor a little below body temp. We hear claims that alcohol in an enema is somehow much more potent than by the oral route. I think those claims are over-stated, or I should have died years ago. I expect that the fatalities or perhaps near-fatalities that have occurred are the result of consuming enough alcohol to be dangerous orally or rectally. One time I used a Fleet's bottle to inject a few ounces of whiskey. I passed blood after that and advise against it.

What do you make of that guy at University of Tennessee?