American !!!

They say what they can........ they do what they said...........! They are straight and forward !! I Salute them !!!
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Thank you

I do as well

I'm part Sioux myself

I like your profile
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thats good, the freedom we all have

I didn't know they did...that's harsh. U wrote this on my birthday lol

Us Americans UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish we lived in a world that taught us that christopher columbus did NOT discover ANYTHING...that idea alone is preposterous!!! People are dumb they have no idea that our "for fathers" were nothing but redneck, inbred(they married 1st cousins back then), retarded, brutal, genocidal, murdering, worse than hitler, bullying bastards!! Its maddening!!

Yeah!!! I wouldn't live anywhere else (even though I hate Maryland....), I would prefer to live here than anywhere else.

I love the respect the Indians give to mother Gaia.. Unlike alot of people now days.<br />
Most people will take and never give back.. But my Indian friends.. will always give back to her.. out of respect and love for her and Nature..

me and my family are half native american were from the blackfoot clan a smal clan<br />
we used to live near alabama but after al the war and stuf me and my husband packt up and left with our kids and my kid brother and live a peace full life in up in the mountains in alaska so im sorry but i dont feel for your president and his men up in there white house i do feel for his soldiers who are trowing there lives away for the ego of a bunch of fools

I grew up in a small town called Natick, and there, depicted on the wall in the post office, is an old mural showing the enslavement of the Natick Indians. They were all placed in chains, and all eventally died. Their tribe no longer really exists.<br />
<br />
One of the enlightened Natick Indians, called Captain Tom, had actually travelled to England to learn the white mans ways, and learned how to speak English properly, and dressed in Euopean clothing. He cooperated with the British in every way, and for his trouble, the British decided to hang him on the hill just above the house where I grew up.To my relief, I've recalled that neither the Indians nor the British were American by modern-day definition.

The American Indian taught the white man how to survive on this land, just to eventually be given white man diseases and hurded like cattle by orders from Pres. Jacksons removal of Indian policy. We know it as, " The Trail of Tears." A horrifying event with many lives lost in agony. To me, a holocaust in its own way.

I agree that I wish we lived in a country that honored the American Indians-as my ancestors deserve to be honored. Unfortunately it appeares that people are mean and vicious and history shows that our trend to violence simply keeps repeating itself. All we can do is decide as individuals to do what is right and be honorable.