I've been worried about some things lately. I want to teach someone something useful about the big world out there, and things that go beyond the world and delve into another realm entirely. I like the idea of philosophers and their apprentices, all learning together and from each other. Such a nice thought, everyone learning together. I have been thinking about when I die, will anyone really know me or what I was about? I just want somebody who will carry on my ideals and personal philosophy, improve on it, make it their own. I know how selfish that sounds. Maybe someday I'll have an admirer who will seek my advice and guidance. How nice it would be to be needed by someone who has yet to do the things you once did, and then for you to be able to make sure they do those things in a better and wiser fashion than you did.

WarrenTheWordsmith WarrenTheWordsmith
Jul 26, 2008