I Miss Sharing Pics!

For me this started quite a long time ago, don't know how long but I once belonged to a few site where people would share pics and chat about the other peoples pics. Over the years my collection grew to about 200 pics, now they are all stored on separate hard drives and discs. Always found it funny to talk about this, am I just a perv or just someone who likes seeing dirty pics, you tell me!
Georgeden Georgeden
46-50, M
2 Responses May 15, 2012

No I too have alot stored on discs over the years but only exchange my own as my friends trust me not to pass them on .I would love to exchange by email ,yahoo or skype any you send will go no further as it is up to you who you show the ones you give me are for my eyes only

if she as hot as you say she is :) love to have a look at her :) can u add me pleasee ??