The Uk :D<>

Wouldn't it be something to have an Ep convention somewhere in the UK,

It would have to be somewhere, nuteral so, as to make it easier for people to travel! and to find where to attend!

Me thinks! a great place would be Wales! (i know easier for me) lol

Thank you for reading!

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I only found two active German guys, one Brit girl who lives here and two very perverted Urgh's, I don't want to have contact with. That makes four so far, me included.<br />
All the others who claimed to be Germans are living in the US Of A. :-(

Awwwwwwww! my baby! :D why!? awwww! love you to! <br />
<br />
Thank you my gorgeous for commenting! Just mystified! lol :D

A German meeting wouldn't have many participants. :-(

Ha!ha!ha! lol :D love this comment! lol :D thank you! SparklingDiamonds! :D

Awwwwwww! love you to! Marji! :D You my darling Ep friend, will be more than welcome! doll!, i would love for you to come live with us! :D "We definitely do keep a welcome in the hillside" honestly! :D :D <br />
<br />
Thank you for commenting! darling! :D

Giggles! my darling Ep friend! :D I would give anything to meet you and everyone else on Ep! awwwww! wouldn't it be something hey!?? Awwwwww! :D thank you, you have made me blush now! :D <br />
<br />
Oooooh! yes! LLancaiach Fawr Manor! You spelled iit better than me! lol i had to look up the spelling, i would have spelled it wrong! :( ha!ha!ha! well done! you clever girl you! :D Yes! it is, indeed, reputed to be the most haunted Manor house in Wales and it is practically on my door step, just a few mile, from where i live! :D I would definitely hold your hand, my baby! you will be safe with me! I have been there, before! Saw nothing my son and daughter, saw! i saw nothing! until we, my family and i went outside to go home,. Not sure if i have related the experience on here, or not, i'll have to have a look lol :D <br />
I know, what a fabulous idea Lena has come up with! :D Very clever, young girl isn't she?? Loves you to! my beautiful friend! :D :D <br />
Thank you so much for your feedback and comment my chicka! :D :D

Hey!?? lena!! what a fabulous idea! my young darling Ep friend! well done for thinking of that! :D Wouldn't that be a fantastic thing to do!, if we couldn't have a meeting up! of Epeeps! Thank you! :D <br />
<br />
Thank you so much for your feedback and comment, my chicka!! :D :D

Aaaw, if you had a convention I'd do my BEST to make it to Wales and I'd be the first one to run in and grab you up in a BIG HUG!!!!! And while I am there you and I will have to go to a place my Grandmother told me about called (I hope I spell this right !!) Llancaiach Fawr Manor....supposed to be one of your most haunted places in Wales. But you have to promise to hold my hand if we SEE anything!!! I'm a chicken ;) If I couldn't make it to a convention, I'm with Little Lena, we need a way to all hook up on the internet and see you all! Love you!!!

pinkie5549! :D If there ever is an Ep convention! my gorgeous! :D You will definitely be the first to know! my darling! :D <br />
<br />
Thank you so much for your support and and feedback! :D thank you! :D

Awwwwwwwwww! :D thank you so! much! my darling! Ep friend! SM2010! loves ya! beautiful! :D

Yes! my baby! girl! you most certainly did! share your face on Ep, through! your blogs! and you were absolutely beautiful! and i thank you soooo! much for sharing! your wonderful "blog videos" they were exceptionally brilliant! my young friend and you as always look gorgeous! :D <br />
The problem with me, my baby! is, i haven't a clue how to post vids! my daughter or my son, haven't shown me, as yet! But the pic, with my hubby and i, is the real me! and how i look now! lol Except, i have had my teeth done and they are closed now no! gaps! lollol :D <br />
<br />
Good thing you deleted them to! my young Ep friend! :D and i thank you so much for your feedback and your comment! :D Thank you! :D loves ya! darling! :D

I'd love to attend an ep convention - and one in the UK would be fine for me!! Be great to meet everyone.

Oh!! yeah! vman1370! Great idea in theory! :D Myself also! i would love to meet my friends from Ep! :D But as you so rightly point out, we all come from different corners of the globe! unfortunately! But the British! people, maybe! able to! meet up!!, as we are not sooooo! massive as our other worldly cousins! :D <br />
So it! "maybe" just that bit easier! to hold here! :D <br />
I thank you so much my friend for your feedback and comment! :D thank you! :D

pinkypip! :D wouldn't it just be brilliant! We would all i believe have a fantabulous time! :D <br />
Thank you so much for leaving me feedback and your comment! my young friend! :D

Late My Welsh Friend. Stay fabulous.

Well I did show my face on E.P. through blog videos in January and February of this year. So Friends know what I look like. Of course I was talking on my blog videos. So does people from You tube. Of course I don't know what my friends look like for real. I know I saw your photo Babe. Of course puck61 posted his real photos on E.P. too. I did posted my real photos awhile back too. I deleted them.

it sounds like a great idea , i have always wanted to have some sort of get together myself the big problem is , is that there are so many members from all around the world and its hard to pick a location

Awwwww!! lol SM2010!! lol yes! lol "power to convention"!!! lollol Thank you my baby! :D

Yeah! Gazza, that is the trouble, you see, if we all "were" to organize something between us all! we have to make sure "everyone" can make it to meet up! No good letting down! :D Shame that Gazza! sorry to hear that baby! :( <br />
Thank you my darling for your feedback! :D

Awwwww! flirtymiss! :D awwwww! love you to! :D that's great my baby! nothing has been set in stone as yet! lol thank you my gorgeous! we know we can count on you then to turn up! at an event! :D <> Thank you so much for commenting! my darling! :D <>

Power to Convention.

womaninbliss!, awwwwwwww! my baby! :D thing is, we would "all" have to decide, where, to meet up, the venue! date, time! name badges! etc, how to get there, how to get back home! everything! We need a few, of us who! we believe are, reliable, trustworthy and honest to organize such an event! :D <br />
flirtymiss! said, she could make it to Wales, lol love her! to! :D <> Wouldn't it be great to all meet up! <br />
Thank you for your comment my gorgeous friendly friend! :D <>

I once talked about meeting someone on here but nothing ever came of it which is a shame really

Same for me to! Gazza17, i would love to meet, you all! :D Wouldn't it be something, if we could all meet up! :D :D <br />
Thank you Gazza for commenting on my post my darling Ep friend! :D <>

**raises hand** ... I'll come to a UK convention Welshbabe ... count me in!!

There's quite a few people on here i wouldn't mind meeting,

Awwwwww! SuperMother2010! :D i would so love to meet you and your family to! :D It most certainly would be something, wouldn't it!?? Never know, what the future might bring! technology moves ever so quickly forward! Well look there is the "webcam" and something now, so you never know, what else they may come up with! lol Maybe like the tv screen and talk to each other like that instead of a computer screen! lol :D :D <br />
Thank you for commenting on my post my darling, friendly friend! :D <>

Well. I did post blog videos.

Yes! i know that my baby! i know!! :D :D And fantastically fabulous they were to! my doll! thank you darling! :D &lt;&gt;

You are welcome. Sadly You and I can't meet in person because of being too costly or far away. Aww.. That would something. I mean meeting you and your family for real.

lol me to! liguidgold, me to! :D <br />
<br />
Ha!ha!ha! ;D wouldn't that be something hey!??? lmao! lol :D (hang on i'll get out my, Judy Garland style shoes now!) meet you there baby! :D <> <br />
<br />
Awwwwww! i know! wouldn't that be ideal if we could all meet up! I would so love to! see you all! and have a laugh! lol :D <> <br />
<br />
Thank you for replying to my post my darling Ep friendly friend! :D

I've thought that. Be quite cool to visit an EP gathering all wearing our EP user name tags!<br />
<br />
Shame we can't click our red heeled shoes together judy garland style or have a port key Harry potter style and just magically appear at said EP convention!<br />
<br />

Same reason, i couldn't make it to the USA or Canada! SM2010! sadly :( <br />
<br />
Shame really isn't it??? Thank you for commenting my darling girl! :D <>

aww. I can't go to U.K. Too far and costly. Maybe in another 5 years or so.