Hell's Bells, Meeting Y'all?

i'd like to come and meet you but i think i'd blow your mind.
i'm the starman waiting in the sky.

tearaway tearaway
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18 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Ha, I was too young or well sheltered to know them. <br />
To me he's just an overly horny MTV attention ***** man. <br />
It might'nt be real, but it doesn't appeal.

"low moment for humanity"<br />
That about sums it up!<br />
Poor Flava Flav used to be cool, back in the days of Public Enemy.

I've seen that 'Rock of Love' show! I thought it wasn't as bad as 'Flava of Luv' though, which is pretty much the same show but with different people and the "desirable male" wears really stupid horrible outfits and ridiculous giant clocks round his neck. It's also much less cool than it sounds, believe it or not. Also in one episode one of the girls shat on his foot. It was kind of a low moment for humanity.<br />
<br />
Ripley<br />
<br />
PS. Unoriginal, you're thinking with a boat-half-empty kind of attitude. Not the worst kind of boat attitude, but.

Missing the stupid boat means i'm standing at port waiting for a ship that takes me to stupid town and I couldnt even show up on time. Which makes me more stupid than anyone on board.

Yes, stupidity is obviously rewarded. <br />
As I was folding the laundry last night, I saw something very disturbing on tv. It was a show called "Rock of Love." Some aging, nipped and tucked "rock star," was courting 4 of the ickiest people I had ever seen. These 4 young women were mean, ugly, shallow, violent, tone deaf, and stupid. I wanted to change the channel, but I was frozen in horror.

Being stupid is its own reward.<br />
<br />
(But I think you missed the stupid boat. I just wanted to say the reward thing cause I read it one place one time.)

haha. I thought you were joking. I'm so stupid.

Of course SWITZERLAND's a real place... I'm going there in the not-too distant future so I hope it's real!

haha. Oh, I just realized I typo'd Switzerland. Now it all makes more sense. I thought you were burning Switzerland. <br />
<br />

Ah, you called my bluff. I wish it was too. I was just trying to let a fake nation slip through your fingers while distracting you with dead authors but you caught me again. Next time i'll try to tell you a story about Venezuela. HA! Making up countries is funny.

If only Swtizerland was a real place..

Well, thats why he lost the match. Some fervent Bowie fan in the 3rd row chucked several from his pockets onto the grass around the court and it sent Wilde into a rage just as the winning shuttlecock from Bowie was en route. It was quite the scene - Oscar Wilde sliding is pimp coat off into the hands of an assistant and then getting into a major scuffle with both the meercats and the Bowie fan. Luckily it wasn't televised - it could've been detrimental to his reputation as a long-deceased playwright.

Watch out! There goes another meercat!

Did you know he was the 1977 Division AA North Swtizerland Singles Badminton Champion? He narrowly beat out Oscar Wilde to clinch the title.<br />
<br />
But... yeah.

Did you do some Bowie banter homework did you?

He's also afraid of Americans.

I know (Major Tom's a junkie).

You rebel, rebel.