Wouldn't It Be Nice

to have an ep cruise?  to the bahamas?
Tumblindice Tumblindice
36-40, F
9 Responses Aug 9, 2007

Hmm...would I just wear my black cowboy hat and a black mask so I would look like a cowboy's silhouette?

New Zealand’s an Island, everyone just come over here. I don't have much floor space, but I could try and find room in the hallway of my apartment for squabs

We meet you on de island mama......

A Zorro hat, mask and cape? :D

LOL Ok DoDO! my previous avatar was phantom of opera...

No, no, you just get to wear either your current outfit or the one from your previous avatar, and have a sassy hat with the brim pulled down so that no-one can see your eyes. All mysterious like...

OMG great idea DodO!!.....but......mine will not be that cool, just hips for a mask? :(

We could have a big masquerade ball on the first night... and everyone could have masks made out of their avatars.

like this one...hahaha

I'd be there.