What's Wrong With a Little Alternate Reality?

I'm not complaining... I've got a great life. It's wonderful and I've been very fortunate.

Still, if you've been married for fifteen years, I don't expect there is quite the same thrill in watching your mate undress and walk towards you in bed. Maybe there are things you just don't say, fantasies you keep inside. Saying the wrong thing, wanting something your partner isn't willing to give is a risk perhaps not worth taking.

EP is wonderful and unique in that rather being initially attracted by superficial appearance and witty small talk, you can look into someone's soul and see a portrait of who that person is deep and side; as well as all the little things that color their world. The anonymity allows us a place to be honest. Why not have a sudden and intense online relationship with someone that in many respects, could be your soul mate; or at the very least shares many of your experiences, interests, and desires?

Way back, when I was in Jr. high school a girl I barely knew ask me if I wanted to be her boyfriend... completely out of the blue. The proposition took me completely by surprise and I didn't know what to say. So I said "yes". Her name was Elisabeth, and she was my first girlfriend. We dated for the rest of that year and I still have fond memories of the girl who was bold enough to walk up to me and say "I like you".

We are all busy with work, family, and even just the monotony of keeping up with the laundry and grocery shopping; and frankly the risk of finding someone new (and that excitement that seems so fleeting), just isn't worth it in the real world. Find someone you like on EP and say, "you want to be theirs!"



DeepBlueSea DeepBlueSea
41-45, M
Mar 9, 2008