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Would Be Pretty Cool

I like the sparkly star by people's names.

So shiny. ^^

I love the nunu gestures that only the EP Premium Members have. They're cool! When I'm annoyed with someone, I don't just want to "pinch"or "throw snowball" at them: I want to "slam dunk on"  or "throw shoe" at them. Preferablly my nice heavy army boots. I can't "do shots"  on my EP friends birthdays. =/ I want to "play guitar" and "play piano" too! Not "serenade,"  otherwise people would become tone deaf. =O I can't even "purr" and "model for"  my boyfriend! How sad is that? =[ And I sooooo want the "spank" gesture! Mwahahahahahaha! *spanks TideToGo, bublina, bulbula and FreeFallWall* They'll probably report me for abuse. ^^

And the pets! The adorable EP pets! No fair! We can only "give me a bath," "feed me," "play with me," and "pet me." I know it's minor, but I find it adorably cute to be able to "chase me," (even though it's not very fun in real life when I have to run after my dog because it runs after a cat or little child)  "surprise me," (that's fun though! Lol, I love jumping out from my room when I hear my dog walking down the passage: he makes the most hilarious face ever!)  "tuck me in" and "tickle me." =D

Sometimes when I'm on EP I constantly get PM's and WB's from people who want to talk and you know those days you just don't feel like it? It seems those days people always see me on, no matter if I'm "online", "away", or "busy" - they persist and just keep messaging me. It'd be cool to be able to go on "invisible". I want a Harry potter cloak too. Many days I'm also just "here," but too zombie to even want to speak to anyone - that that I'm able too.
But I have to be seen in the wide open field of EP and I feel so exposed. O.o Maybe I should try for a Sherlock Holmes coat instead. It'd suit me more. =D

And the ads. The irritating ads that jump up all the time and use up my bandwidth. I'm tired of seeing the same ads over and over. Really? If someone doesn't respond to an add the 3rd time of seeing it, surely one doesn't want it? I don't want to date on Zoosk! I don't want free restaurant vouchers. I don't want a jooooob (at least the ones they advertise). =/ I don't care what Mama Eve has to say about magic and love - if you want to use a potion or cast a spell on someone to fall in love with you - it ain't love! And it;s just really creepy to me. O.o *shudders* Dating for people of an older age? AM I OVER FOURTY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Eg: "african voodoo spells
marriages,divorce 7days 0824008696
Awoman healer
bring back your lover instantly pay after job done call +27713206885
Love and money spells
bring back the love of your life call mama eve now on 0781794404
love spells,money spells,luck and many more call now.+27788837497
Stop the attack of the ads! =,[

I also like that EP Premium Members get to customize and characterize their profiles. I've seen some really pretty profiles. Especially among my friends. Just Mom's (Giggles4488) change of colour for her banner makes it look enchanting like her. They might only be little changes, but it looks so much better and more "them". Not just plain and bland like mine: a peach. =/ I think when you see someone's profile, it tells you a lot about them. After all, it's their first appearance in a way across a screen. When you want to send them a  gift, WB them or go to their stories/blogs/confessions, you first see their profile. It just tells you, "Look - this is me. Here I am." And mine says I'm a peach. =O

"EPTokens Every Month: Receive 10 free EPTokens every month to spend on anything you want!"
"Caching-caching-caching!" Lol, I just had to add that because I love that idiophone. ^^

But, alas, I have no credit or debit card, or, Paypal or Amazon thing. Not to mention my parents don't know I'm on Experience Project (neither my "friends" in "real life" =/) - so I couldn't ask to use theirs. And I ain't about to tell them soon. I've met too many amazing people here on EP to just give it up like that. *shakes head* And I'm too afraid to send anything by cash. The post offices in my country are the offspring of evil. That money would be missing within less than 3 days.

It'd be so cool. But I know it's expensive. It's become a lot more expensive than it use to be, so I don't expect to just, like, "get one". Though I'd highly appreciate it. A lot highly. Very much. Hehe, hey, maybe the sponsorer (if I ever got one) could get a refund of a few tokens a month or year? A mopnth for an EP Token? Hehe, but, ja, I don't just expect anything out of thin air. I've grown-up being taught you either win a competition or you wait for a sale - but if someone lends you something, or you borrow money from someone, you pay it back as soon as possible. So I'd feel very guilty. =) Maybe when I eventually get out of this hell-hole called "home" and have a place for myself with a job and all, I could give it back somehow. If not in an EP Premium Membership, at least something a bit more personal. To say "Thank you so much." =)

But a girl can dream, can't she? ^^

POST NOTE (LOL, a day later =P): I have w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l EP parents to thank - Giggles4488 and TrprBadass - for sponsoring me. Thank you two, so very, very, very much. I really appreciate it. ♥

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*BIG nod* Aha! Let's all hug them! *hugs Mom and Dad*

Awwww, they are SO sweet. Good on them!

*jumps up and down excitedly* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Yay!!! Post note needed! =D

AHHHHH!!!!!! <br />
<br />
*shouts and points*<br />
<br />
You GOT one!!!<br />
<br />
No fair!!!<br />
<br />

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh, if only my parents had those kind of things. I know all the codes and can do the signatures though. ;) <br />
*imagines slam dunking The Tuva* Ahhh, good times, good times....

Just do what most teenagers do in your situation...take your parents credit card and use it. They won't notice. *Shhhhh!*<br />
<br />
No, no, no...don't do that. Forget that I said that....I'm not setting a very good example, am I?<br />
<br />
Just find yourself an EP sugar-daddy and get them to gift it to you. <br />
<br />
No, no, no...don't do that either. <br />
<br />
But you're right. I've had many a time where I would love to "slam dunk" on someone. <br />
<br />

Lol! *falls over laughing* Hehehehe, and it seems to be more difficult to work than I think. ^^ Nice, Mohito - nice. =P

Hey, Giggles, perhaps you could help me with a lil something? =P I've forgotten how to change the profile colour.... How do I do that again?? I can't find it anywhere! Dx

*giggle-giggle, blush-blush* Oooh! Lol, this is the second time in the last few hours I'm mistaking who the parents are that someone is referring to. =/ Love you lots, Mom. And Dad! My argument stays the same as in the PM though. *looks very savagely at you, wipes drool away* Never mind - fail. =P "We are family: I got my EP-parents with me! We are family: get up everybody and sing!" ^^<br />
<br />
Oh! Oh! By the way, I could finally download Cyprian that you sent me! You play AMAZINGLY! Thank you for sharing your MP3 with me! =D

**jumps up to dance and sing** We are family...I got my EP daughter with me! Now behave and say yes, you wouldn't want a spanking right here in front of all of as your EP mom says (and stop giving me that look! Yipes, you scared me ;O

*gives Mom "The look"* Be afraid - be very, afraid.... *evil giggles* ;)

I want to share mp3s :/

Oh Phooey you silly Chica, I mean your EP mom and dad. We love you girl, we would be so pleased to give you such a small gift. Lol, just ask Mr. Trooper, he will tell you, YOU ARE FAMILY ;)

*giggle-giggle* I'll "blow blueberry" at you if you don't be careful, Mom! =P My mother and dad would say no. I know them too well already for that. =/ But I dream! Not vividly, but I do. =]

*raspberry ^_^

*raspberry. =P

Lol, I love this....and YES a girl can dream and a girl can ask her mom and dad. :)