I'm 66 And Still Have Long Lasting Erections

I'm a recent addition to The Experience Project, and this topic / statement is right up my alley!

When I hit 50 I noticed that I did not have the staying power that I had when I was a lot younger.  I researched this and found that there are a multitude of products and services that can help significantly.  With this in mind I established a website dedicated to reviewing and comparing the various offerings.

That website is www.hardandupright.com.  Over 50 products and services are compared, with more being added frequently.

Products covered include brand name Viagra, generics, natural remedies, Viagra for women and more!

I use the products that are recommended on hardandupright.com and can honestly say now that at 66 years of age my erections are more long-lasting than ever, AND I partake in sex on a daily basis - my girlfriend is VERY happy  

Please feel free to visit  www.hardandupright.com and let me know your experiences.
HardAndUpright HardAndUpright
61-65, M
Jul 9, 2010