Let Me Tell You Something

As I read the Harry Potter books, which I enjoyed, it occurred to me that Harry couldn't get away with a damn thing without his invisiblity cloak. I think he was dependant on it. His friends really should've had a talk with him about it.

If I had one, I'd use it sparingly, as they haven't invented rehab for this.
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I now remember the invisibility cloak was essential in the last book. I suppose he really did need it. But if he hadn't had it, he would've been blued, screwed, and tatooed.

Haha I loved this post and I think you are right.

Thanks for commenting guys! Keep in mind like I said, I enjoyed the books. But that cloak! It was used 100 times! I really think it's like a monkey on his back!

i've read HP for several times, Harry is so curious boy but just because of this streak he could discover so many mysteris. without invisible cloak he could not fight against V . So the special cloak is a main weapon of HP

So you feel that his friends should perform an intervention? Hmmm...I never thought about it, but I think you have made a valid point. Hermoine needs to get in touch with her inner b*i*t*c*h and lay down the law. Enough is ENOUGH!