i've always wanted the power to make myself invisible. i mean, let's face it--there are times in life when we just don't want to be seen. maybe because we're embarrassed, or maybe because we'd just like to keep our presence a secret. it'd be so awesome to slip in somewhere, find out what's up, and then leave completely unnoticed. and if all that power was contained in a cute little cloak, that'd be even cooler. so fork it over, harry. i want my turn with that thing!

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

i agree with destry--older people are very visible to me. in fact, i often find that i click better with older people than i do with those my own age. but honestly, i see people of all ages, shapes, sizes, what have you...i try to always keep my eyes open.<br />
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and i also think the ability to freeze time would be wonderful. like a little pause button we could hit when we need to slow things down, or reflect, or just have a few moments of calm and silence! nice thought :)

lol, an invisibility cloak would be excellent for revenge of all sorts! ;)<br />
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hmmm, that cloak that makes everyone else invisible sounds pretty awesome. can i get one of those too?<br />
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oh yeah, force field powers would be great also! the incredibles is an awesome movie! :)

I have had my closk of invisibility for years, it has been real handy.<br />
I have taught one of my daughters how to craft such a cloak.<br />
I think many people can craft one if they have the right teacher....