i've always wanted the power to make myself invisible. i mean, let's face it--there are times in life when we just don't want to be seen. maybe because we're embarrassed, or maybe because we'd just like to keep our presence a secret. it'd be so awesome to slip in somewhere, find out what's up, and then leave completely unnoticed. and if all that power was contained in a cute little cloak, that'd be even cooler. so fork it over, harry. i want my turn with that thing!

runnagirrl runnagirrl 22-25, F 5 Responses Feb 27, 2009

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i agree with destry--older people are very visible to me. in fact, i often find that i click better with older people than i do with those my own age. but honestly, i see people of all ages, shapes, sizes, what have you...i try to always keep my eyes open.

and i also think the ability to freeze time would be wonderful. like a little pause button we could hit when we need to slow things down, or reflect, or just have a few moments of calm and silence! nice thought :)

Desrty's Right Again...

I appeciate your perception and acknowlege your wisdom.

The ability to suspend the stages in one's life is an interesting concept; people could calmly consider the present moment, its implications and its magic.

I am pleased to report that, perhaps through experience and age, I am less inclined to rush ahead in my life, and am more able to enjoy each moment.

As you suggest, this would be a valuable device for the young.


Time will provide you with such a cloak. As you move into late middle-age and your skin, hair and clothing lose tension and colour, you will attain invisibility.

You will no longer be seen or heard (or heard of).

lol, an invisibility cloak would be excellent for revenge of all sorts! ;)

hmmm, that cloak that makes everyone else invisible sounds pretty awesome. can i get one of those too?

oh yeah, force field powers would be great also! the incredibles is an awesome movie! :)

I have had my closk of invisibility for years, it has been real handy.

I have taught one of my daughters how to craft such a cloak.

I think many people can craft one if they have the right teacher....