My husband is 20 years older than me.We got married when he was 39 and I was 19.He popped my cherry on our honeymoon.
I do ask him,"Would daddy like a *******?"when I feel a bit naughty.
He loves it,especially when I dress like a Catholic schoolgirl and act so innocent and naive.
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34 Responses Jan 28, 2011

nice, was your hymen intact? I've had 3 virgins but only my first had a cherry to bust

Mmmmm need another daddy?

Daddy should let you *** out and play!

Love daddy daughter RP! Add me, please!

do you have any single friends who are like you? lol

oh oh

lucky man...nice avatar...add me sweetie

Glad you like my comment. Add me and I will comment on ur pics.

you are really so hot n horny ..mmmm

Very lucky guy for sure!

very hot

thats always a hot outfit

Those schoolgirl outfits - I don't know a guy who can resist a plaid skirt and white blouse.

I know that is one very hot time.......

I'd love one from you. Xx

Damn!, Lucky guy.

Wow ! you are very sexy hot and naughty ! i went to catholic school too ! shorts skirts, tight white blouses and bobby socks ! wink ! you are amazing babe !

Hot Hot Hot

Very hot!!!

Very hot!!!

I love that and seriously think it's the most normal thing in the world to live what you live. My wife is not that much younger, but I am still big daddy who spanks her etc.

oooh im so jello! im 19 n my boyfreind is 33 n i wanna get married sooo bad! but ummm its kinda way late 4 him 2 pop my cherries lol :P

A **** like you and married? Won't u suck off any guy that wants you?

that sounds like fun! lol

As A older good looking man, I have lots of young women calling me daddy. You could be one too. Good night baby girl.

bjlover Thank you for Sharing . i Would Enjoy Spanking your bare bottom Across my knee . Smack Smack . Wriggle Wriggle NaughtyGirl . i Wish . Respected Trusted Gent . Age 62 years young .

would love to be your daddy spank you *** when you are bad kiss it when you are good give you nice hot baths with happy ending you know all the things a daddy should do for his little girl and anything she ask for

So very nice... I think you have the relationship most every man wantes at one point or another... sounds like you two make a great couple

Schoolgirl fantasies are a favorite of mine, especially the cheerleaders! Unfortunately that's all they've ever been, just fantasies, and at my age......well.

Lucky stiff, and then some! Quite a nice fantasy. Thank you for sharing.

he's a very lucky man :)

ME TO Nice

He is living the dream. Sounds like you are getting your needs taken care of too. Everyone wins, including us since you do share. Thanks. it when im called daddy,does he call you his lil girl when he's pounding you?

He is a fortunate man.

Can I be your daddy too? Lol