It Was Soooo Worth It

It was Spring and my 13 yr old body was bursting with sexuality. I had been spending most of my free time with my Uncle, in his barn learning and exploring my body and his. It all started they day he pulled me over his knee for a promised spanking because he caught me checking out the magnificent hardon on his horse. The spanking turned out to be just the beginning of what would become a wonderful 4 years of sexual bliss at the hands and feet of my Uncle. The first day, my spanking let to me lying on his lap, jeans and panties around my ankles and his talented fingers playing with my dripping ***** and throbbing clitty. It was the first ****** I ever had with another person. Thirty or so minutes later I was on my knees experiencing the thrills and satisfaction of providing immense pleasure to a man and his **** for the first time. My reward was a very surprising mouthful of tasty (maybe) of rich thick ***. Since I really had no idea of what to expect and no warning from him I choked and swallowed …coughing through the finish of my first blow job. That began a series of firsts for me. Learning daily how to give a better blow job and to deep throat…(quite proficient now), learning the joys of sex….of surrendering myself to my desires and to a man…and the complete fulfillment I can get from pleasing a man and his ****. ***** are just the best thing in the world…man’s or beast’s…and they make me feel soooooo good. Within weeks we progressed to him undressing me and teaching me how to really enjoy my body….caressing, licking and sucking my taut nipples, deliciously licking the delicate petals of my sex….teaching me to relax and just enjoy the wonderful sensations he could create, allowing me the opportunity to explore my other opening too…his kissing and licking of my *******….was indescribably good…but only a preliminary to the salacious delight of feeling his **** penetrate my ******* and fill that hole with the same rich cream that I loved swallowing. He always found a new way to excite and show me how fantastic sex could be as well as teach me how great it was to be a girl with the desire to be sexy and open with a man. Even at 13 and 14 I knew that being a “naughty” girl was what I wanted…being the girl that made the boys feel good…being the **** that was willing was a perfect role for me. But there was more…I wanted to get ******…I wanted him to fill my pussie, spread my vagina, take my cherry, split my slit…whatever you want to call it I was desperate to know the wild , wicked , wonderful pleasure of a hard **** penetrating my ****. He refused…excuses about me getting pregnant, him being too big…me being too small…I would lay in my bed at night, listening to my mother and her parade of boyfriends bouncing on the bed, getting soundly spanked, hear her moan as they would humiliate and use her….demand should do everything and anything and hear her whimpers and moans of pleasure as she complied. I would think about what I had done in the barn that day with my Uncle and my fingers would always seem to find their way between my legs…inside my panties was a river of pure honey…and the delightful sensations I would create only added to my desire to feel a **** deep inside. I tired several items, broom stick, squash, cucumbers, soda and beer bottles, but the best was a 5-6 inch smoked breakfast sausage that would slide so tight inside my young cunny and make me *** and ***.
I told my uncle I was using the sausage and I know he wanted to **** me so I finally got my wish. We were playing in the barn up in the hayloft…he was undressing me and started to lick me all over…kissing me through my panties…licking the soft indentation hidden so subtly by the thin fabric…I was *******….moaning as he pulled my panties down…fully expecting him to roll me over and stretch my *******…which was always ok too…but this time he kissed me softly…holding me….rubbing that wonderful tool up and down my ***** slit….telling me he needed me …telliong me he couldn’t stand not knowing how my ***** would feel wrapped around his ****…telling me to try and relax…I was nervous…but literally begging for him to finally fill my *****. He spread my legs wide….my ***** honey was drooling all over my slit, my *******, his face earlier and now the precious head of his ****….He carefully pushed…lights flashed in my head as his rock hard **** entered my **** for the first time…I wanted to *** but couldn’t…the various toys, my hours spent , inserting various objects within my honeyhole and the sausages had prepared me for this and there was very little pain at the beginning…and then…OMIGOD…and then there was nothing but ecstasy. He let me adjust to him being in me and then began to stroke inside me…I was in heaven…thrusting a little to meet his….letting him control my body..his hands under my ***…lifting me to him as he buried himself deep between my thighs…telling me to enjoy and to ***…I obeyed…several times as my body twisted and bucked under him…when his **** erupted and shot rope after rope deep into my belly I had a final fantastic climax and we both just held each other. Letting the after shocks roll through our bodies. My head was spinning…it was so good and I couldn’t wait to get him hard again…I crawled between his legs and tasted the sweet mixture of our *** as I licked and sucked him hard again….on my tummy this time….and every other position possible for the next four years whenever we got the chance. In the fields, on the tractor, in his bed, in the barn…no matter what else was happening we ALWAYS found a way to enjoy each other.
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Very sexy!!

Do you still sleep with your uncle?

mmmmmmm u were realy lucky 2 have such a **** mom 2 learn from her n all her bfs =) did any of them ever do anything wif u?

are you mom now by haveing your uncle's baby? or do you want to be a mom? maybe i can help. your choice

cool story

Ur uncle so lucky wish i was him

OMG, that is such a hot story!!!

What a great story.

I like your story very hot

No birth control? No pregancy scares? I can't imagine having sex that young, either - especially with an adult man, much less a relative.

I not only enjoyed it but hmmmmm, very much relate to it too

Hot story - and I will add parts of it to my fantasies as I stroke and think of hot little girls.

"at 13 and 14 I knew that being a “naughty” girl was what I wanted…being the girl that made the boys feel good…being the **** that was willing" yah thats exacly it! bein the grrl that every1 knows will always say yes just 2 make guyz happy n maybe feel the hole world bursting inside me again :D

Spoken like a true fucktoy.

wow, well written story of how you finally allowed your uncles **** to enter your sweet wet *****. xxx

God story but i am wondering did he ever get your pregnant?

Just wonderful! Keep up the excellenct work. Of course we all wish we would have been able to be you uncle! Please add me to you friends list.

I enjoyed it thankyou

Works for me

i so wanna **** u untill u cant *** anymore

your Uncly was Very Lucky . That Would be Perfect if i was your Uncle . i Wish

tha was very hot..i'd love to have been ur uncle!!

Yeah, a good plan if you're from Kentucky...I think a man wrote to try harder or it comes off kind of fake. Oh, wait...I got it. It's one if those fantasy stories.

this is a good plan

Eww. A breakfast sausage. Are you from the UK?

Ok and rope after rope just spilled out of me. Thank you for posting and letting me take your comment cherry.<br />
<br />
Kisses my sweet niece.