My Submissive Teen

In the interest of this experience project, basically as a place for people to air confessionals in honesty, I will describe the latest experience I’ve had with a very motivated teen I met on the internet, and then later in my travels.
I won’t say her name or exactly where, but I will say it was NOT IN Georgia, (BECAUSE SOME THINGS ARE ILLEGAL THERE) and in a pretty small town. As I do drive a Big Truck, I have ample opportunity to move about the country, and even occasionally, meet friends.
It happens that Alli (I’ll call her that for this story) and I happened to frequent the same website (a dating site) when I happened across her profile. I read it, and noticed even in her photos that everything about this girl screamed ‘submissive’.. so I naturally dropped her a line.
The general tone of the letter was kind, but honest, “Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to you if you found someone who understands perfectly your need to make him happy? Wouldn’t you love the feeling of being controlled by someone who understands and appreciates very much the gift you offer? Do you really think a man in his teens or early twenties can even remotely understand your real feelings, your heart’s desire?”
I went on for nearly a page, enough to ensure that she was fairly squirming in her seat if I had in fact, ‘read her right.’ I did. Her reply was short but showed promise.
“You described me to a ‘T’! I can’t believe you could know this just from my profile!” She was incredulous, and when I replied the next day. I mentioned that I am quite particular about people I am with even just as friends, and that I wouldn’t even consider anyone who could not enter a(ny) relationship with eyes wide open. She agreed, and we continued to email back and forth.. In her e-mails, she outlined her dreams, her fears and also her deepest desires. She mentioned then that I ‘seem so nice’ and would it be okay if she called me “Daddy.” I told her I didn’t mind at all, so she began to call me Daddy in every phone call, text and email
Soon, I had planned a trip to her hometown, and planned a nice afternoon date, and then perhaps some private time, dependent upon how well we got along face to face. Mind you, I am NOT the handsomest man in the world, (never was) but rather, a(n approximately) 50 year old Couch potato with the a slight beer belly. I have long enough hair to make me look like a renegade hippy biker, and shave infrequently enough that the razor and I argue over where the shadow ends, and my skin begins…
As luck would have it, a week before my scheduled trip, My Company scheduled me for a delivery to that very town. I happily relayed the news, and also made the point to mention that if she was not comfortable with the ‘rushed’ plan, I would completely understand. She agreed that it would be foolish not to take advantage of this chance to meet, and so it was agreed. I would park at the Truck stop nearby, and with the GPS co-ordinates, she’d find me. From there, we’d have a nice dinner, and not anticipate anything more.
Upon my approach,-and later arrival- I texted my whereabouts and ETA. Her nervousness mounted, while I felt myself sliding comfortably back into my ‘zone.’ By the time I’d parked the truck, and made my obligatory three ‘r’ ritual… I sent the GPS location. She’d meet me in thirty minutes.
I’ll describe Alli to you. At 19 years old (and a few days,) she stood all of Five feet, two inches tall, about one-hundred and seven pounds of frail and petite woman. I was a little surprised when we did meet, at how much more lovely she actually is in person. Frail frame, supporting a lovely face, and wispy blonde hair, a tiny waist I could wrap my hands completely around, all topped off by the loveliest and large (for HER frame) breasts and a lovely and well formed butt. She smelled like a rich high school prom queen, subtle, but unmistakably good. MMMmm. Her singular flaw (that I easily overlooked) was her knobbly knees.
I should mention that to this point, her sexual experience had been quite limited. She’d had some experience, naturally, but made clear that she’d planned to save her (anal) virginity for ‘the one’ she would one day marry. I mentioned to her of course, that I would not violate her promise, unless of course she begged me, which I made clear, was very likely. She kept an open mind, saying, “Well MAYBE it’s possible, but I really don’t think I’d give in so easily. A previous boyfriend had tried, and I always said no.” When she had mentioned this to me previously, I smiled to myself, and immediately thought that taking her completely, WITH her cooperation should be a primary goal.
By the time Alli and I finally met, she was so nervous, she was trembling. I mean seriously trembling, as if she had chills, or maybe the temperature out was below freezing! I talked to her a bit, and tried to calm her down. I explained that there was no pressure, and besides, as we’d discussed previously, I was not going to give HER a ‘first kiss’ unless I was so sure it would be romantic and memorable.. I told her I doubted such a kiss was even possible if her teeth were chattering like wind-up gag dentures. We both laughed, and then walked over to the restaurant for dinner.
We enjoyed a nice dinner, and I mentioned to her, that since it was late, and I knew she had to work in the morning, I would gladly rent her a room at the nearby hotel with no strings attached. Alli kindly declined, and so I asked if she’d like to see the truck before we parted ways. She agreed that it would be nice to see as she’d always had a fear of big trucks, and with me she felt safe. Off we went, climbing the hill to my Truck.
When we arrived, I asked her to climb in first and this afforded me a magnificent view of her perfectly shaped ***. She wore a short frilly skirt, and beneath it, a thong which appeared to have been made for a woman much smaller if that was at all even possible! When I followed into the truck, she had of course realized I’d enjoyed the show, and asked me did I enjoy the view. I said, “No, not really.” Alli asked why not, and I told her then with a very straight face, “Alli, I’m BLIND. I have to taste things to actually ‘SEE’ them.” We laughed and I invited her to go to the back, and see how spacious the truck actually is in the sleeping area. Alli didn’t need any special invitation, instead, she slipped quickly to the bunk, and lay down comfortably…
I invited myself to the back as well, and sat on the edge of the bunk. I looked into her eyes, and asked, “Would you like to talk about this much anticipated ‘first kiss’?” Alli nodded her head in approval, and as I lowered my head near hers, she closed her eyes in anticipation. I redirected my attention instantly, focusing on her little tickle spot on the (nearly back) side of her neck.. Alli giggled, and let out a soft whimper of delight. I brought my face up again, and smiled. She seemed genuinely happy, and so I did this again. As I neared her lips, I turned my attention again to her neck, a little lower this time, and I rested my hand firmly on her thigh just beneath the hem of her dress.
By about the fourth time I did this, I noticed that as I came close, before she closed her eyes again, she glanced quickly down towards her own breasts, checking to see if she was still covered. She was, but now, barely contained in the fabric of her lace blouse. Of course I noticed this invitation, and so I quickly sat up straight, and using both hands, simply pushed all the material out of my way. Alli was shocked, but pleased, so I began again, leaning in as if to kiss her, then shifting attention now to her breasts. As I paid attention to her (perfect Breasts) I continued to kiss and caress her softly, while paying special attention to her breathing. Soon, she was panting softly, and I took that as my queue to continue, and even step up the pace.
I sat up again, and began to unbutton her clothes, and remove her lace blouse and bra, and then finally as if it were only the slightest afterthought, quickly pulled off her skirt and panties as well. I looked over her soft body, her perfect skin, perfectly shaven mound, finally resting my eyes on hers. I asked once more, “Ready to talk about that kiss?” She shook her head excitedly, ’yes!’ So I came close again. This time, she closed her eyes so softly, and as I was so close once more… I gently pushed her legs open, and inserted a single finger, quite deeply into her already wet *****. I lowered my lips near hers, and began slowly to exhale, down the length of her body. I continued, until finally, I reached under her and lifted her gently and opened her legs so she would be totally accessible and totally exposed to me.
As I did this, she suddenly snapped her legs shut! “Daddy please don’t” she said, “I never liked it.”
I said to her, “I understand.” then pushed another finger deeply into her. She moaned loudly and threw back her head in abandonment. As she was again, accessible, I pushed my face down to her soft folds and began to explore softly. In no time, I found the key to her understanding. I sucked and caressed gently with my tongue, until her body completely gave her away. She moaned and shuddered, and as she came that first time she tried desperately to push me away. As soon as she came, I immediately sat up and since everything was so wet anyway, I simply curled my fingers pushing firmly and massaging her G-spot. She LOVED this, and apparently had never experienced it before, because she instantly surrendered ANY resistance, and so down I went again. (Periscope UP!)
After a couple of minutes, I once more shifted focus from the soft fleshy spot inside her, to her **** once more, and as I did, I removed my soaking wet fingers, and slowly began probing her virgin *******. She hesitated, and I felt her tighten up slightly, before surrendering to the feelings in her crotch and ***.
I made a game of this, bringing her SO close with my mouth and tongue, while making it clear that she would only come if she relaxed completely and allowed her tight *** to be finger ****** in exchange. In about twenty more minutes, she was completely in the groove, and I found that even less attention was needed with my mouth. Her ***** throbbed and quivered and tensed, and she was giving herself completely to the fingers which were ******* and exploring, plunging deeper in and out of her tight virgin *******. When it was clear she was ABOUT to come again, I began to slide my fingers out slowly… She grabbed my hand and SCREAMED, “NO! Keep ******* me, Daddy PLEASE!”
I obliged her until she came, and then while she attempted to recover, I pulled her down, pushed her legs open forcefully as she complained, “I don’t think I can, I’m tired!”
Her complaint was answered quickly, I lowered my face near hers, and asked, “Do you think you’re ready for that first kiss now?” She shook her head yes, and said, “Yes Daddy, please kiss me.”
I lowered my face gently to hers, and as I kissed her deeply, I plunged nearly my full length into her tight little *****. Alli instantly shuddered and began squirming. I could feel her ***** contracting tightly in wave after wave of ******* as we continued to kiss, and I began to slam myself into her, stopping only when I could feel her back wall, (and she’d wince in pain.)
I continued to plow into her as powerfully as I could although not too deeply, trying to sustain and intensify her *******, as I did, I asked her, “Did you like my ******* your ***?” At first, she would only grunt or whimper softly in the affirmative…
But as she came closer to her final mind blowing ******, she finally admitted it to me, and whispered, “I want Daddy to **** me in my ***.” I stopped and froze. This frustrated her tremendously, and she tried to keep up momentum, and I said, “NO. You’ll need to beg me..” Alli continued to fight a losing battle, as her thrust could not nearly match mine.. after about 30 seconds, she finally looked me in the eye and whispered quite matter of factly, “Daddy, Please **** my *******. I beg you.”
At this point, I was feeling QUITE manly and pleased with myself. I surprised her as I quickly pulled out and turned her over, grabbing her hips quickly and strongly pulling her *** into the air near the edge of the bed. Alli looked back at me quite nearly in terror. The look in her eyes was replaced with a hungry look of anticipation as I gently began pushing myself into her virgin hole. It took nearly ten minutes to finally pop just the head into her. When I did, Alli whimpered with relief. I began then to slowly push, a millimeter at a time, gently so as not to hurt or traumatize her. With each slight push, the small squeaky feeling of too tight skin against skin nearly made her cry. I asked her then, “Should I stop?” She fairly snapped at me, “No! Just.. SLOWLY please.”
I obliged her, and as I pushed slowly, filling her a little deeper each time, her cries became more real, turning finally into tears. Each time I asked her should I stop, she cried out, “NO!” by the third or forth time I asked, I knew already, she was too much enjoying the mixture of pain and pleasure… a natural submissive, finally-truly for the first time in her life -in her sub space. Beautiful.
Slowly, over the next ten minutes, I managed to finally push almost completely into Alli’s tight *******. I began very slowly, pumping her tight tail, and with every thrust pushed slightly deeper, I could feel every movement of her body, her every thought, clutching at the invader thrusting slowly and continuously into her last virgin hole. In those tiny shakes, I could feel her ****** building deep inside her as with nearly each breath I could feel her grip suddenly tighten then relax… By now a good twenty minutes more had passed. She was gleefully taking me nearly completely into her and we’d developed an excellent rhythm. Alli’s ****** was approaching quickly, and I was struggling then to work up to her approach and try to time my gunfire to her rapidly nearing ******.
My efforts were not required, since Alli managed to scream out the perfect motivation in the last moment, “Daddy Come in my ******* NOOOOOW ! !” Alli screamed and trembled violently, crying out in pleasure, while tears streamed down her face. With Alli’s words as motivation, I easily let go and thrust more slowly into her. I felt her shuddering more then, explosively as her grip tightened and released me rapid fire. Alli reached back to hold my hands, and I pushed now completely and deeply into her, pumping in and out slowly, deeply, completely and continuing for another fifteen or twenty very long, slow, deep thrusts before unloading myself into her, in this time, she was surprised to ****** again, moaning the whole time and crying while crying out, “Oh Daddy.. Ooh Daddy..OOoooOOOO Daddy!!!”. When she finally went limp, I slowly, I lowered her unto the bed, and pulled myself out from inside her.
We were both a little sweaty, but I keep towels, warm water, etc on the truck, so we cleaned up quickly. Alli wanted to dress and go, since by now, nearly four hours had passed since dinner. I was more inclined to stay and play a little more, and that was made even clearer when Ol’ Faithful (the fearlessexplorer) woke after his short ten minute nap. Alli was gracious, and tried to oblige me with her mouth, but the poor child’s eyes were bloodshot and she truly was exhausted. I had to ask her to stop because she was obviously exhausted and also because Ol’ Faithful was really hating the gnawing he was getting which felt much like a large fish trying to gnaw limpets off a pier….
I met her several more times over the next month and a half. Each time, we’d begin in the same restaurant, and each time, Alli would tell me, “I don’t think we’re soul mates, but I love you, and we shouldn’t do this anymore…”
Each time, I’d listen carefully to her tedious explanations, and finally end them with, “I’d love to talk, but I have to go soon, would you like to walk me to my truck?”… Of course, those walks would always end in the sleeper berth of my truck with my kissing her into silence, or just reaching into her clothes, or sitting her on the edge of the bed while I’d lure her into shutting up just by slapping bait in her face. Lol.
Those are all stories for another time I think. We didn’t last past the month and a half though.
Something Alli had forgotten somehow to mention for the entire time we’d spoken was that she had been a little MORE than ‘friends’ with a guy she’d dated several years ago but still saw daily. At first, she pretended they’d been broken up, but when we’d meet, and her phone would signal text after text continuously, I knew. It was impossible not to know.
Add this little frustration;
I don’t come after a few minutes of ANYTHING. A woman has to have a pretty good bit of stamina to bring me, and this means a ******* could fairly give a (bigmouthed) woman lockjaw. For a wisp of a girl Like Alli this could take an hour, and then imagine also how much LONGER it would take with my getting annoyed over texts arriving every two minutes…. GRRRR. I have to hand it to Alli though, because she was a real trooper and hung in there even though the texts really distracted and pissed me off. She never gave up. (She did finally correct her previous gnaw and tug technique that I think she learned by watching too many strong armed has-beens on late night cable ****.)
I finally broke it off with Alli because it was that obvious that she was practically married to that idiot. When I confronted her about it, she admitted to me, “Yes, I love him, and never really appreciated him, and I realize that now, but we can still meet, right?”
H E L L F U C K I N G N O !
It’s simple really, if HE wants to love a girl like that, then SHE should be honest with HIM and then he can decide right?
You want Daddy to keep ******* you?
Okay! Just have your boyfriend call me -and tell me he’s okay with it. Otherwise, I think you’re just a deceiving and manipulating game player.
As for me, I could love a total tramp as long as she was honest and did not try to steal my decision from me... I could love a virgin, or maybe even a hooker...
I just know I won’t ever love a lying cheater, even if she looked like the fairest virgin hooker princess of the goddamned planet.
My life is too short for that brand of bullshit.
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is this story real or just made up?

wow I just read that entire story, you seem like a really intelligent man who really knows hows to please a girl!! Im 21 and my ex boyfriend is 32 and he did the same type of building up the anticipation thing which was so hot!! He absolutely got off on my submissiveness in bed so this story reminded me of how great it is to be with an older man who is dominant and knows what hes doing in bed =) agghh so hot. I dont think id give up my ******* that easily, however ive always wanted to say "daddy" during sex lol

It was a (Rare) 'Heat of the Moment' kind of thing. I'm sure you wouldn't surrender too easily, but I'm sure it's exciting to think about what COULD prompt you to make such a dramatic decision in 'the heat of the moment'. Maybe a little Antici-

wow...was it realy like that? i wud of followed u like a lost puppy mister :P

of course you would, **** ;-)