I Would Have Never Thought So

That wasn't why I came here , I've never done it before now , and i'm not sure how it's done . I figure that if it happens , it happens . I've tried hard not to be a romantic and to just be an island , but it isn't true to who I am . Thiss seems like a "safe " way to begin what could be a great love that brings two people together that otherwise will never meet and just miss out on a real love . I don't know if it can happen for me or you , but just what if it DOES ?
Tanengreen Tanengreen
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4 Responses Feb 14, 2010

That's a real sweet story . I can only hope to meet someone that i talk to alot here .

It can and it does happen. All the time. I have been online for many years and have met literally hundreds of people online, many of whom I subsequently met in person.<br />
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One of my favorite online meetings was with a female radio broadcaster who lived in NYC. She had posted to a site asking for a tour guide of WA DC. I was going to be there, and we set up to meet. It was lust at first site when we met, and we wound up spending a delightful weekend (she did see some sights, but not really the ones that the other tourists saw... ;-). <br />
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It didn't last, but it was fun listening to her voice on the radio... and remembering!

I've been learning that lesson . The yearning is murder but its more than nothing and there's always a chance . I'm crazy enough to try . Thank you for the advice , I honestly appreciate the input .

As the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for". Been there done that. The hardest part is the distance and wanting the relationship to be real and knowing it most likely never will.