I Don't Want For Myself, But Am Open To The Idea

it would have to be a case of "what i don't know won't hurt me".
and the other women would have to understand they are only guests.
jealousy isn't a problem for me, so much as women being enemies.
all in all, it sounds like a very bad idea, but it might be right for him.
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2 Responses Feb 7, 2012

i wouldn't do it for just anyone. but then i don't want a relationship at all with just anyone either, now that i've gotten a taste of a soul mate, for the first time in my life. i'd do it for him because he's so much younger.<br />
<br />
prostitutes are a different story. so long as it's legal and safe and the workers are happy in their job and the partner is not over-spending, i'd have no problem with any partner seeing prostitutes, because it's strictly professional, so nobody gets hurt.

Very refreshing reading your post. It's a rare but admirable viewpoint. There are many of us who want open relationships for reasons as diverse as sexual adventure, intimacy needs or just the need to bond with more then one person (even if that's for a limited time).