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I love my husband, sometimes. He meets most of my needs financially but thats about as far as it goes. I miss romance and the feeling of having a man melt over me. I am very attractive but I feel like my husband is now used to or maybe even bored with me. I want to feel the butterflies again and have passion in my life. I would love an open marriage but only if I gt to have all the fun. Is that so wrong? I meet all of his needs but he cant really come close to meeting half of mine in any level. I wish I could stay married but still have the thrill of someone new, the rush of my heart beating during intimacy and also have my emtional needs met. If only we could live in a society where it was ok to have more than one husband.
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That feeling you are describing is a chemical reaction caused by high levels of serotonin and oxytocin. Those chemicals make you feel "in love" and help to cause a pair bond between people. Those feelings and chemicals wear off after a time and are the main reason behind the phrase, "I love you I'm just not IN love with you anymore."

Think about that for a bit. It will never matter who you are with because that initial feeling will go away eventually. Try building your relationship on trust, understanding and real caring about each other rather than around butterflies in the tummy. In the long run it is far better to bond over your emotional needs rather than over sexual thrill.

I know exactly what you mean. I miss the first dates and the butterflies in the stomach. I love my boyfriend but there are so many people out there!

aint that the truth! I dont know about you but I always wonder about what more or better yet whoe else is out there