Why Outdoor Showers Are The Best!

Outdoor showers are the best.  Here are a couple experiences. 

Camping in California and using the primitive bathrooms with the showers that require quarters for hot water.  A high A frame roof and panels that cover knee to neck.  The scent of the pine forest came in on a gentle breeze.  Talking about feeling clean.  One day of the trip two 40 something women came into the men's side because of the line on the girl's bath.  The showers are somewhat private, but the panels that separated the showers allowed a peak or two.  The funny thing is that all three of us took a peak or two and chatted the entire time about the best shampoo.

As a chapperone for a Junior High Science camp the adults used a separate bathroom.  This was on Catalina island.  The batjhroom was co-ed so I shaved next to the soccer mom blow drying her hair.  Three Dads and five Moms.  At night the showers were busy so myself and two outdoorsy Moms used the outdoor sand showers on the side of the building. Someone watched over the kids while the rest of us washed of the saltwater.  Moonlight, and the three of us adults taking showers more or less in their bathing suits.  On the second night I announced, "don't look" and took the shower bare.  My friends did the same and did so the other three nights.  Night blooming jasmine, an outdoor shower and a baseball mom scrubbing my back.  We never breathed a word, but exchange a smile now and again.Why outdoor showers are

It is about the love of the outdoors, the scents, the breeze, the sun, and getting clean.  Maybe with friends.  It is the best.

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2010

As a 20-year-old 34 years ago in Scotland, I remember finding a shower in a sort of hut near our campsite in the Highlands. We had enough change for one shower (it was coin-operated) so my then girlfriend (future wife and future ex-wife) shared a delightful hot shower one morning before heading on our way. I still think of it as being a rather daring thing to do at the time !

I've done that,,,, it's nice but freaky

I like using the outdoor showers at the beach in the summer. I have even changed into my street clothes there! lol Greatest excuse there was!

LBI has outdoor showers mainly for washing sand off. More than a few times renting a house with friends. The shower became a place to get the sand out of the suits. Makes getting clean with friends more fun.