I Said I Want Tomorrow to Be Different

Tomorrow is here.  It's now today.

I'm up and I don't want to be.   My eyes feel heavy.  Its early and it will be a long day if I don't move.  I will do something I want to and I don't know if I can and I fighting the urge to go back to bed.

I brought the dog out.  She is getting shaved today.  Yes I made the call last night.  That was hard.  I answered the phone last night that was hard too.

It was my  granddaughter she  asked me how I was.  I tear up, someone called.

Grandma can you cut my hair tomorrow.  That's today now.  I said yes.

Now I'm thinking 2 things I will do today. wow...I love you grandma and I said I love you too dear.

It does not matter if she truly loves me or just wants a hair cut because I love her for real.

I will be doing something this afternoon and this morning ...the dog is getting shaved.

I really want today to be different.  I will move and stay in motion somehow.  I don't know if the battle will be won.

I am thinking my eyes are stuck together.  I will take a shower now.  I want to. I will.   I don't know if I can. So get up and start going go move now...


topazruin topazruin
2 Responses Aug 4, 2009

YESSSSSSSSsssssss. excellent. You went out with the dog even though it was raining. You are going to cut your granddaughter's hair and give her a big hug and tell her you love her! WAY COOL. Ask her if she wants to make some mac and cheese and have a fun food time and you two sit and watch one show on TV. Let me know how it goes!!!! Great day, Topaz. Ur EP Bud, Reel One.

well I got my dog there, she is getting shaved now. Realone reminded me to eat. I'm waiting , reading, typing, a "zombie" that's me...I have to pick her up in an hour. I had to smile at the groomers, it was hard but they have such beautiful smiles, like I use to have...it's raining again.