Thank You.


I thank you for this group.

If you care to look at the groups avatar, I live in that little yellow bit on the right.

This little yellow bit is about the same size as Texas and Ohio put together. About 71/2 times bigger than the UK. about 2 1/2 times that of Germany.

Its a state called New South Wales and about 7 1/2 million people live in it.

Capt Cook called it that in 1770 because some of it reminded him of South Wales and that makes me a New South Welshman.

Once I said to a visiting friend of a friend who came from Wales in the UK, whats it like to came halfway around the world and still be in Wales.

He did't get it. I had to tell him where he is and that is New South Wales and why is called that. He then got it and thought that amazing.

Sydney, is where I live. There is just over 4 million Sydneysiders.

Its about halfway on the coast to the right side of the yellow.

Its a good place to live.

We don't get snow and we have flowers all year round.

That big yellow bit on the left is called Western Australia and its the second biggest state in the world and only just over 2 million people call WA home.

I drove from the sea on the right little yellow bit to the sea on the left side of the big yellow bit.

Its a long way.


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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

Hi there! I also live in the yellow bit on the right but its not NSW. Its a tiny tiny tiny place called Canberra which is the Capital City of Australia. <br />
<br />
This is the least favourite Australian city i have lived in so far. I really miss living closer to the coast and being able to go to beaches. Its how I was raised. I love Australia, I love the people, I love our 'onya!' attitude:))I LOOOOOVE our food!!!!