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Fondled By A Stranger

Posted January 12th, 2012 at 9:08AM
We have been married for 16 years and are still loving each other like the first day. We use to have really good sex, but do not talk about it too often, because my little sweety is rather shy in that sense.

For some time I had this fantasy, watching secretely her having any kind of sexual contact to other men, but never told her about it.

One sommerday 2007, we enjoyed our city life, having a few glasses of vine and ended up in the evening at a little bar near by our appartement. As it was very crowded, we only found a standup table, where we joined a guy, who told us, that he was waiting for his wife. He was polite and welltalking, so we had a couple of drinks and smalltalks together, until I had to visit the gentlemens room, its door just a few steps behind our table.

While washing my hands, I had an incidentally glans through the slightly open door on the back of my wife and the guy, who stood on her left side, turned a little against her. His right arm was mooving in a strange way and I noticed, that my wifes body mooved in the same rhythm. Then it hit me, that the nice guy had his hand somwhere under her wrapon skirt, obviously fingerfukking her. What a pleasant surprise!

At once, I felt a big, hard iron in my pants which prevented me, to disturb the session. Instead, i went on washing my hands, watching my sweet little wife, having a strangers finger sliding in and out her *****.

I even noticed her stepping her highheeld right foot on the rail at the bottom of the table, opening her thighs, giving him better access to her *****. Another funny thing i noticed was, that the guy likked his fingers, each time he took a sip from his drink. Beeing disturbed by some men, entering the gentlemens room, I decided to go back to our table, placing me opposite my wife and our new friend.

Believe me, I was very excited at that time, seeing my wifes shining eyes turned me on. So when our friends wife arrived a little later, we went on drinking together and after a couple of glasses , I started to finger her butts and her thighs and she didn`t reject. But that is another story.

When we arrived home later on, allready in the elevator I started to carress my wifes *****, which was dripping wet, and we started to **** on the doorstep to our flat. This was the beginning of a new era in our life

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would love to hear how the conversation went between you and your wife when you told her you saw what was happening ..

can u add me? i would love to **** your wife

That would have been so exciting to watch your wife being finger ****** from a complete stranger. Please add us to your friends list.

Loved your story, Please add us.

Isn't it amazing when you finally get that burning desire fulfilled?
That "New era in your Lives" many more to come now! Lucky couple!!! Your new friend was a ***** lover for sure, to lick his fingers so often. Wish that was me.

I love watching my wife with others too! (Check my profile for our story's) like to read others as well! Add me to your friends!

wow so hot!! I need to read more of your stories

That is so HOT!!! Would you please add me...

A superb story.

Great story would love to have done it myself. Please add me.

sounds like you had a great night. I wish that was my wife getting fingered

great story!

Holy $#17 that's sexy.

Sounds like a fun evening out! Have the two of you taken this any further?

Great story, but you left out the most perplexing part... how does a guy go from a stranger waiting for his wife and casual conversation to fingering a married woman in a bar in the time it takes you to take a leak?!?! It doesn't sound like she had a history of brazenly asking strangers to do this kind of thing to her...

Good story, but I thought the same.......wouldn't mind meeting that guy to get some advice on

Wow! Would love to see some pics to visualize her in that story!

hey that's great! And how about friend's wife - did you get another chance. Add me please.

Wonderful story - thank you

a great start to a sexy evening ,, had this ever been discussed befor or was it a total surprise and a first ,,, sounds sexy as hell ,,

OH yeah , you are a lucky guy ... your wife sounds sexy and ready to be a ***** for you and slutty when your not around too... wow - wish I could enjoy seeing her in action too...

Watching strangers enjoy my wife was a big turnon for me.

damn really hot...sound likes you got what you wanted...add me.ok?

I would love to see my wife doing that.

Very hot story

So hot! Watching your shy wife succumb must have been very exciting! Thanks for sharing :-) dc

Fantastic story, I would love this to happen to my wife!

Great story - See our story ' She enjoys it ' , its a turn on for me, and I hope it will be for you !

can you add me please

I would love to see someone else stimulate my wife while I watched. Especially if they were bigger or better than me

I've been lucky to see my wife *** this way several times!

It must have been awesome to see her in that comprimising position!

I try this set up all the time when we go out... sometimes it works!

Whoa.... now that is a great story! It's amazing how he got to her that fast! And we need to know the rest of the story!

Congratulations, keep the stories cummmmming

This is a hot story. I would be happy to fondle her.

What an incredibly hot story. Really like the profile pic - your wife has gorgeous legs, and those stocking just draw your eyes right up to what must be a sweet prize.

And any more postsc<x>ripts.

Hot hot hot!

Wow hot, will read ur other stories and comment too.

maybe what u should have done is invite the nice guy back to urs house

please allow me to view your hot wife so I can visualize better and have an image in my minds eye.

mmm nice

we are all waiting to hear the other story!!!!!