On The Bus.

So I have to ride the bus everyday for work and I always noticed this beautiful redhead. We never really talked since I noticed the huge rock on her ring finger. Everyday I stand in about the same spot and she ALWAYS seems to GRIND me as she passed me. I mean her *** pushed against my crotch so hard it hurt a little. One day I couldn't help but get hard as she got onto the bus. As everyday before she turned her *** towards me and I planted my feet. To my surprise she let out a slight moan. As she got off the bus she looked and me and said "feel free to return the favor." I looked forward to the end of the work day like you wouldn't believe. This time as she walked by I walked with her to the back of the bus where there wasn't anyway anyone could really see us. She was wearing a rather short skirt so I ran my hand up her thigh to her panties very slowly and by the time I got my hand over her **** she was dripping wet and I could feel her throbbing. I could hear her breath quickening as I played with her ***** over her panties. As I was breathing heavily down her neck I rubbed her **** and fingered her ***** and felt her shutter and her knees give just enough to notice while she tried not to moan. She came! It took her a minute to collect herself and turned to me, kissed me on the cheek and said "we will have to make this a daily event and tomorrow is your turn!"
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Redhead? I notice.

I want to **** your wife

I would LOVE for this to happen to me!

I bet it would if you put yourself out there

Did u do it again the next day

Serendipity becomes the norm!!! Did she return the favor the next day?