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My First Asian Part 2

If you go back into my stories section you will see part one. Read that first if you haven't then continue with this.

I had already ****** this mans mail order bride once. He invited me over to make sure everyone would be comfortable with the breeding. After the first session he paid me with a couple of fake rolex's and promised the next time she would be more fertile. (I guess he paid to have her injected by her doctor to make her more fertile for me) Needless to say I was more than exited to make a return trip. The plan was for me to come over for 3 days during her most fertike cycle. So on a bright sunshine filled Monday I made the long drive to begin seeding another mans trophy wife. It was very much the same when i entered their apartment. He was sitting in the living room thanking me profusely, his wife lying behind a thin wall her legs probably spread waiting for me. He told me he was going to fix dinner while I got busy. I took me and my Cheshire grin gladly into the next room and shut the door behind me.

Again I found myself marveling at my luck, as she lie under a thin blanket. Her shyness must have dissapated because as soon as she knew the door was shut she threw off the blanket covering her. Greating me with her naked body and a smile, as I started to disrobe her husband still waiting on me to **** his petite Asian wife. Stroking my **** as i freed it from my trousers, I was surprised to find her as anxious as she was to take my **** in her mouth. My head fell back in enjoyment as audible moans escaped my lips, letting his gorgeous 5'2" talk dark skined wife suck my **** as it hardened in her mouth.

After she had my **** nice and hard I bent her over on the makeshift twin mattress lying in the middle of the floor. Surrounded by baby's toys, cribs, and various other nursery items, her naked *** presented before me. I lowered myself down on top of he, entering her doggy style. Grabbing her small hips shoving all of my **** into her waiting wet *****. I ****** her hard and deep and she had to bite down on a pillow to keep from making audible moans, I'm sure hubby would have just loved to hear. I took her in as many positions as I could think of, ******* her for over an hour, I was definately on a mission to show her who was the superior lover. By the end of our extended **** she had melted on my **** several times and had loud screaming ******* riding my ****. Finally I mounted her with her legs over my shoulders. Plowing her deep and hard until finally I let loose with an amazing ******, filling her tiny Thai womb with my hot fertile ***. I just kept ******* her as hard as i could for another 20 minutes after my ****** until finally I came in her again. The joy of doing what another man couldn't to his wife so overwhelming, I don't think I've ever felt a better power trip as I got dressed that day.

As per the last time her hubby was waiting for me as i exited the room. He again thanked me profusely and over the course of that week went with me to sign a noterized document releasing my parental rights. Something I was glad to do as I ****** the **** out of his mail order bride for the next couple days. By the end of it all she was even calling and texting me asking when the next time i would be visiting was. It didn't take long before I was going over to **** his pregnant Asian wife.

I really hope you guys like this story, please rate and comment below...
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WOW...Great story!! You a lucky guy.

Loving that story. I had a similar experience about 2 years ago, knocking up someones Asian wife ( not sure whether she was Thai ? ) <br />
It was a rushed encounter in the backseat of a car, she got pregnant on the first go.<br />
<br />
******* her is a nursery surrounded by the things for the baby I was about to give her would have been really hot, but they were really worried about protecting there identities, hence the late night carpark meet. <br />
<br />
That was my first ever impregnation, and I couldn't believe my luck, I would definitely do it again.