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I Love Craigslist

First off I want to state that this entire story is fiction. I wouldn't in my wildest dreams (well maybe not my wildest) would ever dream of following through with the dark ideas that come through my mind... With that being said, all my legal basis covered and such. This is a story about an interesting couple I met through a craigslsit ad I occasionally post looking to impregnate a mother and daughter. If you have not read any of my previous stories I would emplore you do go back and read through some of them trust me when I say it will make this one more enjoyable, that is if you are into this sort of thing.

Driving on a long road trip to a town far far away for a sales job I was involved in, bored and with nothing much to do. My usual way of entertaining myself is to look through the CL ads of some of the bigger towns I pass, and or work in. Sure its not safe to drive, but hey, I'm a multi-tasker what can I say! Anyway I had posted an ad looking for a mother daughter to impregnate. (among other ads) I was about 100 miles outside of the town I would be staying in for the night, when I got a response from someone. Opening the email I saw pics of a mature woman in her late 30's nude, her ***** shaved with nice 38c ample creamy white ****. The other picture was of a young girl in a bikini, her body looking like it had barely begun to develop. There were no faces with the pics, and the text simply said we are both very real and interested in getting pregnant this weekend... You brave enough!!!

My **** instantly got hard looking at the nude photo's and the innocent pics of her young daughter. I sent her a brief message with pics attached. I basicly let her know That I was interested in meeting her first, but had no intention of doing anything illegal with her daughter, but that I thought we should meet somewhere and talk about it. She sent me an instant message back saying she would love to meet and talk and gave me her address. I was shocked and exited at the same time, my mind racing as miles clicked by. How legal was it for me? What lines would I cross? Could I cross? Was It a trap? Finally my **** got the better of me and instead of checking in at the hotel I went right to the suburban address in a decent looking niegborhood. Leaving my walet and valubales in the car I cautiously walked to the front door and rang the door bell only to be greated by a very attractive chubby white woman in a see through yellow nightie with matching garder and bra. She simply pushed the door open without saying anything and welcomed me in. Again my nerves were on edge, having no idea what I would be getting into so as I entered I said.


She replied by putting her finger up to her mouth and shh'ing me. Then made a fingering motion for me to follow her, to which I gladly oblidged. Taking off my shoes and following her down a hallway she opened a door to expose to me her very young tied up daughter, a Black hood over her face. Her body clothed in only a pair of yellow cotton panties, her small rosebud nipples just barely sprouting from her chest.

Is this enough proof that we're real? She asked me getting on her knees rubbing the front of my pants, my **** growing fast

She just started her periods last year, and were both fertile right now! her big brown eyes looking up at me serious as a heart attack. She unbuckled my pants removing them from me as I stepped out of them, showing off my swollen *****. Her hand instictively almost reaching out to stroke me.

I can **** both of you? I managed to ask in astonishment. She responded by simply nodding her head in approvement licking her lips around the head of my ****.

Are you married? Almost half moaning the answer.

Divorced! She responded sinking her mouth down to the base of my ****. My hands going down to her head wrapping my fingers in her hair as I began pulling her head up and down my shaft. Looking up seeing her daughter tied and visibly shivering on the bed. Small moans and grunts coming from her. Leading me to believed that she had probably been gagged to keep her protests about what I was about to do quiet. Her mothers mouth felt incredible sliding up and down my shaft coating it with the saliva I would need to enter her baby girl. After about 5 steady minutes of her giving me one of the roughest sloppiest ******** of my life I announced that I was ready to **** her. I could see her eyes again look up at me as she pulled my stiff **** out of her mouth

Yeah? She said with a smile getting up with my **** in her hand guiding me to the bed "Go ahead climb up and enjoy her" I couldn't believe what I was hearing... Less than feet away was this georgeous little girl exposed, bound, and gagged, being forced to take a complete strangers ***** in her young teen ****. I climbed up on the bed, as did her mother who imediately put her head inbetween her daughters legs and began to lick

My curioustiy got the better of me, and as I began to rub my rock solid member on her little slit I asked. Why do you want to do this?

She looked up at me smiling "Because I caught her ******* her dad! Now the little ***** wants to go live with him... She's gonna get her wish alright!" Then she spread her daughters lips wide enough that I could look down and watch as the head of my **** began to dissapear in her. I wish I could put in words the amazement or the intense pleasure I was feeling. The best I can describe it is as one of the most ephoric intense experiences of my entire life... I felt my **** slide into her already used teen ***** knowing I was bare and she was young and fertile. As I slid in her I felt her whole body tremble, her ***** muscles contracting around my ****. I could tell she was trying to push me out in a way, unfortunately for her it drove me wild. Her mother did a good job securing her wrists and her ankles, as well as binding her midsection to the bed, a pillow under her ***. She really wasnt able to move that much, which made it even more pleasurable being able to drive in and out of her without having to correct for her struggling. With every intention of filling her as full as I could the passion taking over and I got into a steady rythym that didn't last too long. Before I knew it I felt the *** rushing up my shaft and looking down into her mothers eyes I announced

Im gonna ***!!!! Pushing as hard as I could inside her ***** and erupting in the hands down biggest ****** of my entire life. my body shook as I emtied everything I had clearing the house into her young teenage body. I remember my body shaking for what seemed like minutes as i cunvulsed inside her fertile womb. She had no choice but to take it, and I loved her muffled screams and feeling her body go tense with her own ****** as I ruined her small perfect body... Finally I collapsed on the bed in exhaustion. Immediately feeling a mouth on my **** as she cleaned her daughter, and my own juices of of my ****.

She looked up at me with almost loving eyes and asked "Is mommy next?" I swear that still is one of my favorite weeks on this planet as a human being. If you would like further installments please feel free to comment and rate the story. I dont travel as much anymore... But I am always looking for that next crazy sexual moment I can enjoy. If your in my area and like my stories, please feel free to get ahole of me. I like meeting new like minded souls!
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