Curious About M/m Spanking

I am a straight I have never been spanked by another man before, I'm a little interested but also anxious about it. Although my main interest is in spanking or being spanked by a lady there is something about M/m spankings including their history and cultural setting that fascinates me. There is a part of me that wants to try it, other men have offered to spank me before online.
I always tend to hold back from it though. It feels a little awkward.
If ever I was going to be spanked by another man I'd want to make it clear that I didn't want any further sexual contact.
I really don't think that being spanked by another man can ever be as exciting as being spanked by a woman.
However I think i would particularly like to be spanked by another man while a woman watches and enjoys
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

I have a male mentor I see regularly for non sexual spanking sessions. We have rules and protocol to ensure my discipline needs are met. He never takes his clothes off, although I remain completely naked for punishment ritual purposes. I would never compare it with being spanked by a woman because to me a spanking from a woman would always have a sexual element. Taking punishment from a man is more humiliating, men who offer true non sexual spanking can be hard to find. I would reccomend any man who benefits from real punishment take it from a man

You really ought to have it done. I didn't get it growing up but knew since I was early teen that I needed it. Finally got it from a guy at 24<br />
And haven't looked back. I'm straight and have no probs getting it from a man. Wear a jockstrap if u need to. And have him use a razor strop.

You aren't going to know until you actually do it are you?<br />
But ask yourself. If being spanked by a lady is sexual it follows that it would be sexual if carried out by a male.<br />
Perhaps the big question you need to ask yourself is what sexual experience would you like to have with a male after being spanked.